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Hello and greetings Bavarian Motor Works fanatics!

I know there are quite a few forums around here, but I need to start my own thread to show my progress and to show what I am doing with possible insight on what to do with my own Bimmer. I am on and around very often in these forums to get to know everything about my car and to find out what possibly may be wrong with my car.

I am one day hoping to put in an LS1 into my car and it will be a long while and process to that point. As for now I am in college for Software Development and have awhile yet to get to that point.

As for now, I am keeping it stock and functional as my daily driver.

I really enjoy this car and I went to my current e46 from an Integra I miss already dealing with car problems that seem to happen all too often with the car. I built this baby from the junkyard and put an H22(VTEC) in it. I sold it to someone who came from a couple states away to get it which I didn't believe it until he showed up with a Golf GTI and got his address from the title receipt that is perforated on the bottom of MN titles. I'll possibly show it sometime.

When I first bought the car from a native guy in MN... I was upset :( he mistreated it so much. The windshield seems like it went through a sandblaster, paint all around the car has multiple gouges and scratches, the rear of the car was sitting as if it was lowered, broken rear springs, shock absorbers through the mounts, rims curb checked, battery with a hole inside of it(something with the cells), slipping clutch, brakes were gone, rotors warped and scratched, fuel injectors leaking, starting issues, alternator dead, and quite a bit more and I'm still finding more.

I have replaced the following:

Brakes and rotors(drilled n slotted)-(May have to replace again)
Injector O rings
Rear shock absorber mounts
Shock absorbers
Battery(possibly again)
Spark plugs
Air intake(missing the shield)
Double din touchscreen deck with custom housing and relocation of controls(the deck sits out a bit as I like the closer of it rather than cutting out the air box to fit it flush with dash)
Removal of prior sound system wires
x3 Coolant Reservoirs(First original cracked, second cracked same location, third cracked in a week, 4th is great(needed to replace cap))

What I plan on replacing:

Possibly subframe mounts
Much more, I'll update later, I got to go to work.
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