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2003 330i ZHP

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I'm looking at a 2003 330 ZHP in Portland. It is in pretty good condition with 137,000 miles. Black on black, Fully loaded with leather, Dynavin navigation, cold weather package, xenons. The seller was asking $12,000 but would go down to $10,500. It is in good mechanical condition but needs brakes and tires. How much would you pay? Would you buy it for $10,500?
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So you have the complete service history?

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Posts like this are ridiculous. We can't see the car! only you can!
Posts like this are ridiculous. We can't see the car! only you can!
x2. but even blind i'm gonna go with that price is too high. 03 with 137k.
Of course I looked at it, drove it, looked through the maintenance records... A lot of service records exist until about 2011, and there are some parts receipts from 2011 to now. the owner did some maintenance work himself.

I'm only asking for feedback on price since there appears to be somewhat of a market for the zhp package. Do kbb or other pricing sites add value when the performance package is selected? If so, the package must not be as desirable concerning added value to the vehicle.

I appreciate everyone's feedback.
figure out what the ZHP is worth to you...and then compare it with prices of regular 330i's with ZSP and similar mileage...you will see they are much cheaper while sacrificing very little. but everything is worth different things to different people. do a little searching here since it's a pretty common debate.
Sure it adds to the price. It was an option that cost money. KBB just doesn't add price based on hype. This car package gets a lot of hype from its owners. So they expect to get more for them. KBB doesn't go by that.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great package. Given the opportunity to get one with or w/o for a bit more money I would. But given the choice between a beat one and a clean ZSP for less I would suggest most go for the ZSP. Exception being someone who is planning on going BTO.
I feel like it's a bit high, it should at least be under 10000.
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