1. 2003 BMW 330CI
2. WBABN53403JU28748
3. 88,000 miles
4. M package, moonroof, HID headlights 5 speed
5. 1 year
6. All maintenance records since new
7. AZ 85749
8. Yes
9. $13,300

Low 88,000 miles. M package, 5speed, HID headlights, factory clear corners & factory rear spoiler came on the car new. Factory Harmon Kardon audio with Sub. Everything works as it should. Mirrors pivot down when in reverse. Moonroof tilts, opens and closes. Clutch in great shape. Cold AC. AFE intake (original intake included). Aftermarket Kenwood with bluetooth, XM, USB, works with steering wheel controls (OEM radio included). Michelin Pilot Sports. New Weather tech floor liners front and rear. New door seals on both doors ($1K). Ceramic tint. Transmission and rear diff oil recently changed. I have every receipt since the car was new. Including original purchase receipt.

The car is super reliable. When purchased, I made a 3 hour road trip home with the AC and cruise on. I've driven this car through the winter, and 110 degree summer. Never any issues. The reason I'm selling the car is to buy something more practical. Return to the office for me also means a change of worksites. An hour drive each way through some fairly rough roads. Also my wife dosent drive stick shift, and she's tired of always driving her car for shopping, trips, etc. For all these reasons plus the firm suspension, shifting, and limited trunk space is becoming too much for my 50's. I'm selling to buy a Camry. Crazy I know but practicality has concurred my passion for driving.

There are some chips in the hood, and a small ding on the drivers fender (smaller than a BB). Some clear coat flaking on the front bumper which prompted me to buy a ZHP replica bumper from Mod Bargains ($1k and 3 months wait). I also have the color matched paint which is included with the sale. Have not got around to even test fit it.

Please PM me if you're interested. Thank you for your interest.