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2002 316i 4 door Auto

Due to the cold weather conditions last week twice my car would not start and I needed a jump start.

After removing the battery cover from the boot I saw that the battery date on the negative terminal was week 38 year 02. The Original part number has been discontinued.

Part no. 61 21 8 381 726
On the battery is written
12v, 70Ah, 120RC, 570A, 570CCA.

I have now bought a almost new battery with the date of week 25 year 11.

Part no. 61 21 8 376 451
On the battery is written
12v,80Ah, 140RC, 640A, 640CCA.

My question is can I do a straight swap
or will this new battery do any damage because the numbers are slightly different,
do I have to do a battery registration?

Grateful for any info or advice.
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