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Hey guys, I have a problem with my 2001 E46 (M43) that I need sorted out ASAP. Some really good advice would be appreciated here.

My mechanic did some work on my car for about 2 weeks (changing struts, steering racks and other stuff) and was about to finish the job when he experience this problem. The car was down for 2 weeks and these are the sequence of events:

1. He started the car and left it idle for a while, to be certain that there were no more oil leaks in the system.
2. He attempted to rev the engine and he got no response
3. He took off the throttle body an realised that the butterfly was stuck (as a result of the long downtime) with lots of gunk.
4. He said he had to spray the throttle body and leave it overnight because it was very very dirty and the butterfly refused to open.
5. The following day, the throtte body was cleaned and placed back into the car.
6. After this, the ASC light and the EML (Limp mode) light is now on and refuses to come off. Test driving, the car obviously isn't working as it should.
7. The fault code (can't remember it now) says that it's the throttle body.
8. His OBD tool/scanner (may be an old one) isn't clearing the fault code.

Can someone please tell me what may be the problem here? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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