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Recently, i became the owner of my first BMW. This was a 2001 325Ci. With 119,000 miles. The car seems to be sputtering, having a rough idle and sluggish take off. The car appears to be on and off with its acceleration. For example, when you first start the vehicle you receive a rough idle but the vehicle still takes off. After you take off and start driving, the vehicle becomes sluggish after the car reacts normal when you take off from park. Also sometimes when you drive the vehicle it makes a popping noise sometimes when changing gears. Ive been very stressed and am trying to figure out the cause of the issue. So far, i did go to wheel works and received a code scan. It provided me with the following codes.
P0174-System too lean ( Bank 2)
P0300-Random Misfire Detected
P0135- 02 Heater Circuit ( Bank 1 Sensor 1)
P01345-Misfire Cylinder 2 with fuel cut off
P01347-Misfire Cylinder 3
P1350-Misfire during start Cylinder 5
P1343- Misfire Cylinder 1 with fuel cut off
P0313-Misfire detected with low fuel

The only things that i have done to the vehicle are put in fuel system cleaner. Also, the vehicle does have a Cold Air Intake and Aftermarket Exhaust. Wheel works did take the light off put these codes came back on. From what i read online it could be spark plugs, o2 sensor, Maf but i would like the help of some people who have own a BMW.
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