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So, my bimmer has been doing a couple shifting things... When I am slowing down and almost to a stop, there is a jerk/clunk on the last down-shift. It feels like I am getting bumped by a car from the rear. :eek:
Then also when I start going again, like the first or second shift it does hesitates mid-shift, so the car jerks and feels like it is probably hard on the transmission.

I have been reading about this prevalent problem in e46's. It sounds like a LOT of people have fixed this by having a dealer update their DME software, which has a fix in it for the way the computer controls the shifting.

I have a 2001 330xi. The extent of my coding experience is that I have the BMW Scanner and put in my own factory alarm, then wrote the options for the alarm system components. I was reading a guys posts saying that his SSS software told him there is an update for DME...

-Is this something I can do myself (it is expensive) with SSS. (What is SSS?)

-I am in IT and am quite computer savvy, is it complicated?

-Where do the DME updates come from?

-Will SSS work with my BMW Scanner USB hardware?
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