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I was thinking to create this thread since I bought the car in Feb. It is a German built 325ci with 155k miles. Bone stock, 17" wheels, sport package, HID`s and Harman/Kardon audio :eeps:

I am very picky with maintenance (meaning OE parts, attention to details, following BMW TIS, torque specs etc) and do all by myself saving $$ as possible. I will update with jobs done, descriptions and pictures as it comes by.

Here is a complete list of what was done/replaced in the car. Everything installed is Genuine BMW or OE supplier (parentheses) plus upgraded parts:

-oil service always Castrol 0W40
-spark plugs
-ignition coils
-MAF sensor
-injectors cleaned ultrasonic machine
-fuel pump
-fuel sending unit
-fuel filter
-DISA valve w/ fluorosilicone o-ring
-CCV valve-hoses (cold weather upgrade)
-both upstream O2 sensors
-tensioners, pulleys, belts
-upper-lower intake boots
-valve cover gasket
-oil filter housing gasket
-oil pan gasket
-rear crankshaft seal
-cooling system overhaul: radiator, water pump, thermostat, expansion tank, upper-lower radiator hoses
-i6motorworks vanos repair stage 3b
-catless headers w/ Becker Performance catback
-K&N OEM style filter
-Turner Motorsport drilled oil pump nut

-differential-axles seals and cover gasket
-transmission shifter and flange seals
-differential and transmission flush
-rem drive-shaft (Powertrain)
-ECS Tuning shifter refresher kit
-Valeo single mass flywheel, clutch kit

Brakes - Suspension - Steering:
-PS pump (LUK LF-20), reservoir, hoses, flush
-rear brake rotors, pads, sensor
-clutch master and slave cylinders
-front-rear wheel bearings
-front strut mounts
-front-rear sway bar links, bushings
-rear upper-lower control arm ball joints, bushings
-ZHP front control arms, bushings
-330i front brakes w/ slotted rotors (Stop-Tech)
-front-rear sport shock absorbers (Sachs)
-front-rear struts reinforcement plates
-H&R lowered sport springs (29484)
-Turner Motorsport lifetime RSM's
-RTAB w/ limiters
-SPC rear camber arms
-Megan Racing front strut brace

-secondary air pump delete
-secondary O2 sensors delete
-clutch delay valve delete
-flashed EU2 firmware

Deadened doors
Excelon X302
RF Prime 150x2
Morel Maximo 2-way component
Metra Axxess ASWC-1


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Nice. I recommend you do aluminum/silver ZHP cube trim for the interior and get clear corners/indicators/tails for a nice clean look
Thanks, I will leave interior as stock as I like how it looks, also the orange indicators, the things I plan to do aesthetically is new light smoked tail lights (my left side looks terrible) and medium or dark window tint on the sides/rear. :thumbup:

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I'd check to make sure your CCV isn't leaking any oil before you replace the pan gasket. I'd also check to make sure you vanos oil line isn't leaking either.

I probably wouldn't have replaced the sensors if they weren't throwing a code... but that's just me.

Looks like you've got a really nice car. Happy to see other doing all this type of work!

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Replaced expansion tank along with its lower hose that was leaking, water pump, thermostat and 50/50 BMW coolant-distilled water; plus main hoses received new o-rings.
Old thermostat was almost leaking.. a fine sandpaper didn't cleared imperfections on the block completely so used some RTV to make sure.
The expansion tank had the famous crack on the side, it wasn't leaking at all but good it was replaced as PM.
Also found the coolant level sensor broken inside the old tank... car was turning "add coolant" light on/off intermittently, replaced with a new sensor and its solved :)


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Here is some updates;
-Proper oil change, was surprised to see that Mobil1 is not approved by BMW anymore
-Fixed driver seat that was not moving forward/backwards (broken plastic pin)
-Fixed left fog light and temperature sensor wiring (plastic cover was broken /wiring damaged)

Parts here to do next:
-Shifter repair kit, its very loose sideways
-Transmission shifter and rear seals + guibo

This will be fun due actual exhaust status... I might need to replace this whole thing anyway..

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