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Hi all,

First time poster here.

I am visiting my folks at the moment. Mom drives a 2001 320d. Dad is worried about the turbo.

Currently the car is flawless, and well looked after.
it currently has 97,000km's.
It is not driven hard. used as Mom's taxi most of the time.
It is also out of motorplan.

Dad is worried that if the turbo blows, it will also take the engine out with it.

1) What is the failure rate like on these turbo's?
2) If the turbo does fail, what is the chance it screws up the engine at the same time? (i.e. parts fly into cylinders etc)
3) If there are problems with the car, any recommendations of independent dealers in the Cape town area.
4) How much is a new/ replacement turbo?

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