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Hey guys,
Alright so today I was driving my manual 323i and after driving it for a couple hours in 76 degree weather, I let it sit for 30 minutes while I stopped home. After returning to my car and starting it up, I realized that the backlight sensors came on. I thought that this behavior was strange, but I checked the break lights and blinkers and they all worked fine. I ultimately ignored it to just be my old battery (i've had to jump the car a couple times now, I need a new battery just waiting for the funds and the right battery). Anyways, I was driving to my friends house and noticed the backlight sensors had turned off. I was relieved that it was just my BMW being finicky, but then as I gained some speed and tried to shift into 5th I realized something was wrong. Shifting into 5th from 4th felt like downshifting from 4th to 3rd :dunno: (and yes I did downshift back into 4th and then try to shift up into 5th, but the same thing happened). The difference from shifting into 5th from shifting into 3rd now is that the ratio is completely different. If I were to shift from 4th to 3rd at about 3,000 revs it would probably go up to about 4,000, but when I shifted into 5th instead of going to 2,000 it went to 3,500 :censor: . The car doesn't seem to particularly enjoy driving in 5th gear either. I really have no idea what my issue is and I haven't seen anyone else post anything similar to this on any website. The only thing that I thought might be the solution is replacing the Gear Shift Bushing. Also I will try to get some pictures asap. Thanks in advance for any help.

(Info about car: 2000 323i Manual with 148k miles, bought with 147k. Replaced: Shift Linkage, front control arms, front left shocks/struts, full H&K sound system switch, Hood, thermostat, waterpump, coolant expansion tank, radiator, both front turning signals, came with brand new clutch)
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