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Hey E46 family

I am new to this and I had my post in the wrong area.

I need some help. I have a 2000 323ci. I love my car but I see she's getting older. Here's some issues that just started.
1. My thermostat says -40 degrees (clearly it never gets that cold in Los Angeles) yet my AC still works but not as cold. Is there a way to disconnect the thermostat?
2. If my airbag icon isn't lit, my radio will not come on and my brake lights stay lit. I have to flip my visor down, open the mirror and TA-DA!!! Instant radio!!! I checked fuses but they are all good. Any idea on what it could be?
3. The fabric is starting to peel in my car. Is there a fabric glue that can be used to seal it back up?
4. My car idles when I stop. Nervous that it's going to cut off. Could that be a spark plug, or maybe just need a tune up?
5. Lastly, where is the oil dipstick? I see a red dipstick right of the engine but isn't that trany fluid?

I look fwd to your help.


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Red stick is the oil. There's no trans dip stick.
Rough idle is either vacuum leak or vanos. Most likely the former.
-40 degrees is a bad outside temp sensor. It's under the front bumper and can be replaced to fix it
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