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The BMW Car Club is holding a 2-day driving school at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch (SMMR) in Pahrump, Nevada. It will be held July 13-14th.

I've never driven there but heard it is a marvelous course and am signed up. They're running a 3-mile configuration. This is a private club that I've heard costs tens of thousands of dollars to join, but they've finally agreed to rent it out to the CCA at a time

It will likely be hot but the CCA has arranged for air conditioned classrooms and meeting areas so you don't have to meet outside. And chance of rain is basically zero.

BMW CCA membership is required and cost is $449 for two days, otherwise you buy a 1-year CCA membership for an extra $48 or so with your registration, which is at here on Motorsportreg.com. Everyone gets an in-car instructor for the whole day (except the most advanced students, where the instructor gets out of the car after the first session) and convertibles are not allowed unless they have a full roll bar installed.
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