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Soo.. not exactly the best forum for this car, but I need to get it as much exposure as I can, as I need it sold soon.
0 Accidents, Clean title. Woman owned.
1996 Corvette Convertible
149,XXX miles.
Competition Yellow
Well maintained, brake booster recently replaced, as well as serpentine belt. Fluids checked and changed.

Runs hard, even for a car this old. Gets compliments wherever I go with it, just not a very practical car for me anymore, as the insurance is too high for someone as young as me.

Bought it from a woman in Rockville, MD, Mother drove it for 3 years, gave it to me, drove it maybe 10 times total. Car has NOT been dogged or tracked.
Car is an automatic, and shifts very smoothly, no noticeable drags and such. Brakes recently replaced as well.
5,500$ Firm, Firm, Firm. Very fair price, would have sold yesterday, but the buyer's wife had drained him a few nights before without him knowing. :banghead:
Exterior is very clean and looks very good, aside from a few knicks in the paint, and a tiny gnash in the front. Would give the exterior an 8/10. The interior I would give an 7/10, there is a few tears in the seats, as they are very old, and a tear in the center dash, nothing too bad. Aside from that, the interior dashboard itself is almost immaculate, no scratches, or punctures.

Located just outside Baltimore.
Area is called Brooklyn Park, live right off of Hammond's Lane.

If any interest, please call/text me at 443-624-5898

I appreciate your time, and hope to do business with one of you. Clear title in hand, free any day of the week, shes cleaned out and ready to go! Once I sell this, I'm picking up my new E46! :hi:
Note: The Top Picture is.. flipped? I don't know, it came out weird when I sent it.

If you have any special requests, please contact me when you can and I will certainly do my best!
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