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Waiting for my V8 4door M3!
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Posting upclose pics.......

Passenger rear

Passenger front

Driver rear

Driver front

DPE R06 VS (Brushed aluminium with a polished lip)
19 x 08 fronts
19 x 10 rears

Tires are Pirelli Pzero's... PM me for sizes. I have to go look.

Quick summary:
This is my second set of DPE's and this set only has 840 miles on them (if that!)
The tires have about 2500 miles on them.

Click my sig for pis of the wheels on my car.

I'm willing to ship BUT I prefer local pick ups so you can see them first hand.... They really are in perfect shape!
I paid $20 shy of 4k for the package ($3,980) and I'm asking $3,000 for everything.

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why ohhh why are you selling them? they are sick

Waiting for my V8 4door M3!
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The rear passenger side wheel is being replaced by DPEngineering for a BRAND NEW WHEEL.

So, this will be three fairly new wheels and one BRAND NEW WHEEL STILL BOXED.

Waiting for my V8 4door M3!
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Anyone else getting scam emails like this:

Good day,
My name is henry barry,I have a client that is
interested in buying your item,he informed me that
the payment will be remmited via a money order in
US$.Is the price you listed for the item firm? or
what is the actual last price? In order to conclude
the deal as soon as possible,the
cashiers check that will be sent to you will include
the money for the sales of your item and the
shippers fees for organising a home pick up
service.You do not need to worry
as my shipping company will come to pick the item up
from your base for shipment. What I want to clarify
is that will you be able to send the shipping
charges to the shipping
agent in united state through Western Union Money
Transfer method as soon as you get and cashed the
money order and you deduct the money for the sales
of your item?If you agree to
assist in this capacity,send your full name,your
address and phone numbers,which will be use for the
issue of the payment.
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