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Aric said:
can i run 17"s on M3 for winter? if so, what size should i use?

I do indeed have a good selection of 17" wheels that work well with the E46 M3 :

Mille Miglia SPID II S $ 179.00
Mille Miglia ACTION S $199.00
Mille Miglia MM11-3 S $199.00
ATItalia T5S $219.00
ATItalia INOX $259.00

To view these wheels appearances, you would need to select the 330I on the standard wheel search here : http://www.tirerack.com/a.jsp?a=BN4&url=/wheels/index.jsp until the winter site is up and running properly.

We suggest using 225/50R17 to maintain the same overall diameter.
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