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I'm going to Vegas! :woot:

Wednesday night after school we'll head to Vegas and check in. Thursday walk around SEMA. Friday I'll be working our booth #24473 (Capture 3D, Inc., Boeing REsolutions & Custom Coachworks). We're an engineering firm who does 3D measuring with a non-contact optical white light scanner. Boeing uses our system and Custom Coachworks uses the data. We have a reconstructed Corvette in our booth. It's a 20x20. Custom Coachworks created the body out of kevlar and carbon. Somewhat same mixture of materials that McLaren uses. My hubby will be helping Kaminari out (his sponsor). Saturday we're heading to the tracks to watch our friend race in NASA. Sunday we plan to go home.

If anyone wants to meet up or anything let me know! Or if anyone plans on attending come say hi! More than likely we'll be driving my hubby's car. Show is Tuesday-Friday from approx. 8-5pm each day. I heard rumors Friday is open to public, but it's normally just for trade. :dunno:

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