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Wanted to share my E46 Coupe build that I started a few years ago. I started with a 2002 BMW 325Ci (5-speed manual) that I found on OfferUp. It had over 198,XXX miles but that did not matter as I had plans for this one. My goal is to build a car that'll be fast/reliable (at least I thought) that I'm able to drive on the street and beat it on the track.
Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

First, I got rid of the ugly spoiler it came with and put a muffler since it was straight piped and also ordered CSL wheels.
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Fitment was tough and had to go with smaller tires to make it fit (also had to get the fenders rolled).
Tire Vehicle Aircraft Wheel Blue
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Sky

I drove the car for a few hundred miles before the stock engine decided to give up on me and spin a bearing. Once that happened, I dropped it off to Amor Autosports located in Santee, CA and started ordering more parts.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

BC coilovers were the first things ordered but ended up selling it and going with PartsShopMax coilover kit to accommodate my setup.
Also ended up ordering upgraded upper/lower control arms, poly bushings, subframe reinforcements, and z32 brakes from PartsShopMax. CAE short shifter, hard motorsport poly rear windows, and some other M3 parts to be able to support a 800-1000hp car.
Window Wood Fixture Building Table

Sparco quick release, steering wheel, and seats were also purchased. I had a MOMO steering wheel with a NRG quick release but unfortunately they were stolen since the car could not be locked.
Table Automotive tire Wood Font Material property
Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Car Steering wheel

I was able to source a 6 speed manual transmission and complete rear end that came off a 2005 E46 M3. The original differential was welded so I wanted to get rid of that.
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I was also looking at HGK and the high quality parts they supplied and ended up ordering a carbon roof, trunk, dash, and door panels.
Hood Automotive exterior Composite material Bumper Tints and shades
Automotive lighting Rectangle Grille Hood Automotive design

Found a replacement engine to install and wanted to do something that would make the car have the power/torque that I wanted. My options were either a S85 V10 engine or a 2JZ non-vvti. I was more interested in the V10 but making it reach the power I wanted and hearing about the reliability issues pushed me away from it. Even though it was a BMW engine that sounded amazing. Fitting it in the E46 engine bay would be a challenge so I decided to avoid that and go with a built 2JZ engine which definitely will not please the purists.
I had it built all the way over in Bahrain with a shop I am familiar with and arranged it to be shipped out to San Diego. The 2JZ engine setup was getting the heads ported, 272 cams, BC rods and pistons, HKS GT-III turbo, and mating it with an AEM Infinity standalone.
Due to Covid, there were many delays with shipping. After waiting half a year it finally showed up.
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Gadget Audio equipment Gas Electronic instrument Bumper

The guys at the shop went right in and dropped the already blown stock engine.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Hood Automotive exterior

Started assembling the 2JZ and getting it ready.
Automotive tire Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive design
Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive tire

Welded the reinforcement plates for the subframe
Engineering Electrical wiring Electricity Gas Machine

Got the reinforcement plates, bushings, diff bushings, trailing arm bearings, control arms, and rear end installed including the brakes.
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive exhaust
Tire Wheel Crankset Motor vehicle Automotive tire

Transmission got mounted on the engine
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Engineering Gas Automotive design

It's in!
Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design Car Vehicle
Custom transmission mounts made too
Automotive tire Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Rim

Definitely exciting to see more progress being made.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

After doing some research, it turned out that the HKS turbo won't be the best option for me considering it being an old turbo.
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Sold it and shipped it to a friend in Oman then purchased a Garrett G35-900 Turbo that was recommended by JP at Amor Autosports.
Camera lens Digital camera Point-and-shoot camera Cameras & optics Reflex camera

Turbo got mounted with new fuel filters and lines and catch can routed and all braided to be E85 compatible.
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Continuing the post:
Intercooler being test fitted
Vehicle Car Grille Automotive tire Hood

Fuel rail changed to Radium with the GReddy intake manifold installed.
Hood Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design

I really like the way titanium piping looks as heat changes the color over time. Decided to go with titanium for all the piping.
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Engineering Gas

Shoutout to JP on spending many hours welding this thing together. Being his first time welding titanium, he did an amazing job.
Automotive tire Gas Engineering Metal Electric blue

Piping installed and other parts powder coated in black to give the engine a subtle look.
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Automotive design

I was out of the country when this was being done, but the boys managed to get the car started and initialize timing on the E46.
Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive air manifold Car Auto part

Installed a CD-7 Dash from AEM to monitor my temps and levels.
Car Gear shift Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting

Also fabricated a 3.5in titanium straight pipe. It’s too loud and potentially considering getting a muffler since it’s a StReEt LeGaL car.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Car

Off to the dyno!
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Dardan from DardanTuned got the car tuned and hooked up the dash to get my wheel speed and gear number displayed.
Motor vehicle Speedometer Automotive tire Steering wheel Steering part

Rolling anti-lag, 2 step, 9 boost target settings, launch control, boost by gear, and flex fuel. Made 800 wheel horsepower on E85.
Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire Hood

Forgot to mention that other parts came in while working on getting the car dialed.
Automotive parking light Car Grille Vehicle Automotive lighting

Ordered OEM style headlights from LightWerkz

Wood Cabinetry Automotive tire Bumper Drawer

HGK Carbon Parts came and they are beautiful
To the track! Big thanks to the USC Car Club for hosting the event.
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Track day was going great and the car felt too fast for the small layout of the track (on the lowest map). I could not put the power down with the 255 tires I had and definitely realized I need grippier and wider tires.
Tire Sky Cloud Car Wheel

Unfortunately, lost oil pressure mid lap and suddenly the car died. Heard a knocking noise coming from the engine bay and knew instantly what was going on. Imagine having your engine blow on the first track event it’s been to. We move on!
Took it back to the shop and the boys got the engine removed. I drove a few hours to San Bernandino at Patrick Blake Racing to have the engine inspected and rebuilt. From asking around and reading a bunch of forum posts for 1000WHP 2JZ engines he is the guy to talk to.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Font Parallel Document

I was informed by Patrick that it'll take a few months to get it rebuilt and done and opted out for more upgrades (stage 2) on the engine so it will be done right.
BC Rods
86.5mm Diamond Pistons
RAD Billet Mains
ARP Main Studs
GSC Conical Springs

He's a honest and reputable guy and I couldn't be happier working with anyone else. It definitely seems like he knows what he is doing.
Automotive tire Automotive design Hood Engineering Automotive exterior

This picture is a few months ahead to where we are now.
Automotive tire Gas Automotive wheel system Machine Auto part
While the engine was getting rebuilt, I decided to drop it off to Drifters Garage to get the car stripped and painted. New goodies were ordered such as the the Flossman Design front carbon fenders, hardmotorsport rear overfenders, M3 Hood, M3 CSL style front bumper, M3 rear bumper, and other items.
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Also wanted Luis from Drifter's garage to mold the rear overfenders to give it a OEM+ look and be able to run wider tires without it looking off.
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle White

Was pleased with the outcome!
Now fast forward a few months,
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Continuing the Post:
Body work done on the car and first layer of primer being sprayed
Fully prepped, went with a Porsche color:
PTS Slate Grey (green reflection)

View attachment 966500
View attachment 966499
Tire Wheel Bicycle Vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

Hood Automotive tire Asphalt Aircraft Road surface

Left a bit of carbon present on the trunk and blended in with the paint
Aircraft Hood Airplane Vehicle Monoplane

Automotive design Fender Gas Automotive exterior Machine

Paint came out great, loving the dark/stealth look.
Next thing is to get the carbon roof installed, strip the interior, fabricate a cage and powder coat, then finally install the carbon dash and door panels.
I am also looking for options for 275/18 Tire's to put the power down so any suggestions would be appreciated.
Stay Tuned!

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Engine and car both at Amor Autosports. Big thanks for JP and Ian (Amor) and Patrick (PB Racing) for getting this thing back and better. Few more small things needed to get the engine in the car and running. Will need to get new cam gears and timing belts from HKS. Also, will have to get LOTS of gaskets and tensioners sourced from PowerHouseRacing and DriftMotion. I will be looking at Setrab to see what oil cooler is best since there are no plug and play kits for a build like this.

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Tires came in! Went with Toyo R888R to be able to put down the power, I've heard good and bad things about them so we'll just have to see. Shoutout to Kevin from European Auto Source.

275/35/R18 Rear
265/35/R18 Front
Tire Automotive tire Wheel Synthetic rubber Tread

Waiting on the wheels :cautious:

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I'm so jealous man. I am hoping to fire mine up in a few weeks. I love the way you did the titanium for intercooler and everything I will most likely update mine to that after I get mine all running and dialed in. What are HP goals on this thing?
I will be posting dyno results in a couple of weeks. With the current engine setup it should be running 900 + wheel horsepower.
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