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I have a 04 E46 m-sport Compact with a strange interior lighting issue. I have searched all over the net and come to find nothing.

A couple of days ago I noticed a selection of my cars interior lights have stopped working. The lights which are affected are:

-heater control unit backlights
-the central locking button backlight located on the centre console
-the electric window drop button backlights
-the amber drop lights that shine on the centre console

All the functionality of these buttons/units are still in perfect working order, they all work, however, just the lights don't come on which is a huge inconvenience when driving at night.

All other lights work fine too, the hazard button/light work fine, the interior lights come on and off fine, the reading lights are fine, all else is fine.

I have tried changing and swapping out the fuses and nothing made a difference. I presumed even if there was a fault with the fuses then the buttons wouldn't function in the first place.

Please help it's driving me insane.

Thank you
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