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here is the you tube video broken link below of the noise that it is making.

hxxp(dot)(dot)// www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?=f_tnQRQt6BI

I recently bought a 04 BMW E46 330i with 92,000 miles and the sport package from a little car lot. It sounded alright when we got it but then it makes this noise. The engine is very clean and engine sounds really nice when you put a stethoscope over it. you can hear the what almost sounds like a chain slapping against metal and its a deeper sound as if its coming from the passenger side front to the middle of the engine.

The noise started mainly at idle. When I rev the engine it goes away or the noise diminishes quite a bit.

Also When I put my foot on the brake and push the gas the noise completely goes away. Also the engine does not make the sound right at start up, when it gets a little warm and especially at normal operating temp, It will then start making this noise.

List of Things I have already checked or changed

-DISA (checked)
-Idler Pulley (changed)
-Tentioner pulley (changed)
-Water pump (changed)
-thermostat (changed)
-radiator flush but not the engine block flush
- changed the oil
- belts and pulley all are good (checked)
- fan clutch seems to check out fine (checked)

Diagnosis that I have heard so far but don't think are the problem[/B

I had someone tell me

- Since it seems to resonate through a lot of parts they thought it was a loose timing chainHe was a mechanic friend of friend but not a BMW mechanic which I'm starting to realize makes pretty big difference. He couldn't really tell me much more than the timing chain was loose and is slapping against the metal. Which is what I thought from the beginning it sounded like but not sure what the problem is that makes the noise? (so I was unsure if this would be chain guides and tensioners but...
they make a whole different noise and lots of people say those don't go bad but I do think the "spring" inside the tensioner would possibly get weak at around 92,000 but I just started researching BMW's so Im not sure but am waiting for the part to be ordered in and am going to try that first.

I have heard it could be vanos seals but that is a different rattle from what I can hear. and it goes along with and gets louder with acceleration.

I have heard that it could be chain guides and tensioner but again the sound is much different from the videos I have heard. plus lots of people say tensioners rarely go bad.

Doesn't knock with acceleration and doesn't come from the motor so don't think it is rod knock.

I have heard engine mounts but did the test with foot on brake and then give gas and the engine doesn't jump.

I have also check fan shroud assembly and fan clutch for noise making.

I feel this is a tricky question and I have seen a few other with the same noises and it seemed like no answer.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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