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I just got my new 03 M3 and i'm itching to upgrade the factory soundsystem to something more reasonable.

Below are some components i'm considering, please give feedback on system configuration and component selection.

- Leaning towards Alpine CDA-7998
- Also plan on installing PAC Wireless controller to retain steering wheel functions

- JL Audio 500/1
- JL Audio 300/2

Front Speakers
- Leaning towards Alpine Type-X SPX-177 components

Rear Speakers
- None. With stealth enclosure subs, no room for rear speakers.

- 2 x JL Audio 8s (8IB4) in Stealth enclosures


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johnhab said:
Speakers are personal taste, but you might want to reconsider the Alpine speakers. The popular brands E46ers use are JL, Focal, a/d/s/, MB Quart, etc.
agreed, but if you listened to the alpines and you like what you heard, then go for it.
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