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This is slightly different that some of the older threads I've seen...
I'm not sure that this is a GM5 issue, but am leaning towards a FZV antenna issue...

2003 325xi (E46) 4-door w/ ZSP

Problem started years ago (4-5+) initially started on winter days, with one key worse than others... Now neither key fob works most days to lock or unlock any doors... its as it the battery is dead, but BMW can "read" the keys with their reader. However, BMW could not "reprogram" either key.

The problem started out first with intermittent passenger / back doors not unlocking (drivers' door was ok at first). Problem was worse when cold (esp on rainy days it seems).
Then problem became more persistent, and one key still worse than others.
Then driver's side door started not to unlock.

Next, both keys barely unlocked any doors remotely anymore, worse on hot days (cold days have since stopped being very cold), but Very Hot days seemed to make matters worse.

When the doors failed to remotely unlock, the interior light would not come on, nor would the trunk pop. No sounds like it was "trying" to unlock.
Just dead, like an old fob that needs a new battery.

Currently neither key unlocks doors with the fob very often (1 out of 40). The central lock button doesn't work to lock doors.
The fob won't pop the trunk or, when held down, roll down the windows. The interior lights don't come on. (again, its as if the battery has died).

Very occasionally, the key *in the door lock* does not unlock the passenger or back doors until the door is relocked.

I've seen something *LIKE* this on older Porsches where the micro switches on the fob have headed south, but I find it very hard to believe that ALL the switches on both keys went at once.

I don't *think* its the battery b/c BMW can read the keys.

The GM5 might be a little flaky (see issue with the key in lock sometimes not unlocking pass. doors)

So is this a FZV issue? and how do I test / diagnose the antenna?

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