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'01 + m roadster?

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okay guys, help out a n00b :D

i currently have a mitsu 3000gt VR4 (the awd twin turbo)... and that's going track only sometime this summer (at least if i get some help from the money fairy)

i want to buy a '01+ m roadster (the 315 hp model... is that an e46?). I want it as mint as possible and stick...

what can i expect to pay/what's a good ball park?

also - i am going to get it supercharged right off the bat... what would that run and what supporting mods do i need?

any resources i can look at? websites that sell that stuff etc...

I have no problems installing them myself so a DIY type site would help out a lot... TIA...
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honestly, if you're going to strap a supercharger to the motor, I would recommend get a 240 hp model. The newer 315 hp models are pretty well stressed. I think the 240 might have a better tuning potential and be apt to deal with the added stress.

Could be wrong, but that's what I gather....
but the charts i've seen (and admitedly that was a while ago) put the 240 + sc right around the 315 mark... which sort of defeats the purpose... might as well get the 315 and keep it stock if that's all i want...

Nah.... i want a 400+ hp roadster ;)

but that aside... where can i get some more concrete info on that?
IMO, Edmunds has the most accurate used car prices. You can enter mileage, condition, & even zip code. www.edmunds.com

Most people feel it's unsafe to sc that engine. 315 hp is a lot, esp for a car that light - anymore would be uncivilized. :eeps: :dunno:
I rather pick e36 M3 than any MRoadster or MCoupe IMO, MRoadster is only made for straight line not for cornering.
The M Roadster only comes in stick, so you shouldn't worry about the transmission type. As for the supercharger, look into RMS. They have a kit out.

defiintely go M Coupe and use THAT as the track car... not the VR4 (unless you mean drag strip).... M Coupe w/ suspension work and a bit of engine work will rape anything on the track...
get a m3 coupe and put a supercharger on that it would beat the roadster easiley
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