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Orion V2 - The Angel Eyes Industry Standard for the highest quality Angel Eyes.

Recently, there has been a new development in the angel eyes sector, well, it's actually old, but it has been touted as new. We first introduced the Orion Lite product about a year ago for people that wanted a 'cheaper' alternative to the high priced closely spaced LED products.

However, the Orion Lite is not the same quality, durability, finish, or brightness as the flagship product, the Orion V2.

A very recent review proved quality of our product:

Here is a breakdown of what they look like together on a car.
The files have their own names on them. If you would like to see a full sized image of it, remove the ".sized" from the URL.

This is the Orion Lite compared to a well known brand "A"

This is the Orion V2 compared to the same well known brand

The differences are subtle only in photos, in real life the facts are as follows:

The Orion V2 is obviously brighter (even in photos) than the 2 of the previously mentioned products.

Just arrived, more stock on hand.

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One word

Umnitza V2's

bump for Umnitza. best AEs in the business.
Bump for great AE's

Orion V2 4300k

Ive got the umnitza v2s. They are a little to bright but they look very nice
Umnitza FTW !!
Led Orion v2 from umnitza and yes you can install them yourself check out for install. I just put mine on and will have some pics up later today.
Umnitza's orion v2 for the win:thumbsup:
orion v2 here best ever!
+ 1000. Yes!!! Chas
Orion V2 looks great. I have seen ricey LEDs and the Orions are not ricey. Believe me. They are also build solid. You can't go wrong..
I went to Umnitza today to see Orion V2 in person. I thought it looked great. The gaps are fine and I can totaly live with them. BTW, they are only noticeable when you are right in front of the car. If you are about 10 feet away you can't see the gaps. They are super bright and match my 6000K Xenon and fog lights perfectly. Matt installed everything and I took out the CCFLs.

I also put in LED sidemarkers, turn signals and reverse light. It came out really nice. Thanks to team Umnitza...:)
I really enjoy my Orion V2's. What turn signals and sidemarkers did you get? Pics?
My orion v2 are very bright indeed!
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