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  1. Any E46 Fog Lights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    First set of Fog Lights are Winjet's with clear lenses and 51 watt bulbs. These are brand new. All SOLD....
  2. ZKW Fixture w/ AL Lenses

    Lighting Forum
    Hi there. I have a 2003 325xi and the clear plastic front pieces say AL on them, however the sticker on top of the housing looks white/silver, the Xenon lens does not have the horizontal seam, and the notches do not go all the way around, leading me to believe I have ZKW projectors. Is there...
  3. ZKW and EvoX-R

    Lighting Forum
    I'm considering a retrofit and having done some deep digging in the forums, I've come to wonder if anyone has ever taken the ZKW projectors and then swap in just the bowls from the EvoX-R. I know that there's a guy on here who sells bowls for the ZKWs, which is basically what this would be...
  4. E46 Sedan Working 02+ ZKW Bi-Xenons

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
  5. Yet another projector retrofit tutorial. ZKW -> Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello community. Originally posted on zhpmafia. I've had my 2004 ZHP sedan for over a year, typical ZKW burnt bowls. After lots of research, last December, I finally decided to tackle this project. I went with Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 projectors based on a few pictures I saw online. What drew me to...
  6. Zkw e90 LCI projectors on e46

    Lighting Forum
    Hello, As many others e46 owners i have got trouble with my zkw bowls. I've tried to re-plate them at first but it didnt last long. Looking for a more permanent solution i bought some e9x zkw projectors. I thought at first that they where the Pre-lci but when they arrived it was LCI projectors...
  7. Help identifying plug on OEM Mitsubishi Ballast for ZKW Xenon Headlight

    Lighting Forum
    I'm retrofitting my stock ZKW Halogen headlights with aftermarket projectors. I just ordered a pair of OEM Ballasts. The ballasts have three plugs. I know what 2 of the plugs are for but I'm not sure about the third one. I've attached a couple of pictures. The only thing I can think of is...
  8. *****WTB Bi Xenon, passenger*****

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Looking for a Bi Xenon, ZKW, passenger headlight for a '03 E46 Sedan, ZHP. Have one to sell.....? Or both? PM me..... :clap:
  9. Aftermarket Headlight Replacement Lens Cover

    Lighting Forum
    Hi Any suggestion to where I can find good quality aftermarket replacement covers? I contacted Umnitza and they have no stock of the replacement lens. Thanks!
  10. ZKW Retrofit Questions

    Lighting Forum
    Hi, Im new in the forum. But I have been a lurker since I got my e46 I was researching for retro threads to try to educate myself but I still consider myself as a noob in lighting. My questions are the following: 1. Where can I find Fxr diy threads for pdf files for a facelift zkw. 2. Can I...
  11. FS: ZKW Facelift Headlight Lens - $100 shipped

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey guys, I am selling my 63-12-6-923-411 and 63-12-6-923-412 ZKW Headlight Lens for facelift models. Check the compatibility. The new ones cost around $250 for both. I will sell for $100 shipped. They do show the signs of use and have some yellowish stuff, nothing that cannot be cleaned by a...
  12. Poll: ZKW Projector Bowl Burn Failure Rate

    Lighting Forum
    As I'm sure most are aware, 2003-2004 3 series sedans equipped with the ZKW HID lights tend to burn the projector bowls thus reducing light output and eventually rendering the headlights useless and requiring replacement or retrofitting. If your HID headlights have a clear reflector bulb with...
  13. Free: ZKW Xenon Lenses (Toronto)

    Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    Hey guys, I've got a perfect set of OEM ZKW bixenon headlight lenses available to whoever wants to pick them up in the Toronto area. These came out of my '05 325i sedan when I had my burnt projector bowls replaced. If you're wanting to upgrade the foggy lenses of your AL xenons, these lenses...
  14. DIY VID: ZKW Lens Installation / Headlight Disassembly

    Lighting Forum
  15. Zkw projector bowls shot

    Lighting Forum
    Hi I own a 2004 BMW 325i and I too am a victim of the burned out ZKW projector bowls. I was wondering if you could just simply purchase the AL Lenses with the brakets, then simply use the bulbs and ballasts that I already have? I really like to keep my car OEM as much as possible but if the...