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  1. General E46 Forum
    I have a '04 330CI with Xenon Headlights, and I'm looking for aftermarket headlights because the stock ones are kinda boring, however pretty much all headlights that I see have a warning that they won't fit Xenon Headlights. Any Suggestions?
  2. General E46 Forum
    Bmw e46 330ci 2001 Hi everyone, I left my car out in some heavy rain the other day and went to go for a drive and one projector light wasn't working. These are the lights that come on when you drive at night. When I turn my lights on, there's 3 short, sharp, quick bursts of yellow light and...
  3. Lighting Forum
    Hey guys, I own a BMW E46 Coupe, the year is 2005. The car has adaptive headlights option with Xenon Headlights (Automotive Lighting) and the headlights are really beautiful. I really like them. I have noticed a little issue with the AUTO function on the headlights though.. The headlights are...
  4. Lighting Forum
    Hey all, Question about e-46 R shrouds and retrofitting AL halogen headlights into projectors on a facelift E 46 sedan: Any ideas why the fitment of the shrouds would not work here? It's not a matter of fitting the shrouds over the projector, but rather there doesn't seem to be enough room in...
  5. General E46 Forum
    Going to a junkyard soon and I'm going to snag some xenon headlights if I see a good set. What pieces do I need to make the swap work (besides the headlights)? I already have all the coding side stuff but do I need to grab the LCM or anything? Thank you!
  6. Parting Out
    Hey guys, replaced a few parts on my son's 38k mile 04 325ci. Some asshat did a hit n run at the mall so we had to replace the front end. I have the OEM front grills, OEM fogs, a brand new set of aftermarket fogs (ECS) and the OEM headlights (halogen version). The driver's side headlight has...
  7. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have a set of clean & functional xenon pre-facelift sedan headlights from a 01 330 I'm parting out. I'm looking for 200 + s/h for the lights or if you're willing to drive to the lehigh valley area of PA, local pickup is an option
  8. General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I recently bought an Umnitza BiXenon Retrofit Kit with the following: -HID Bixenon ProjectorH1 Mini V7.0 BOSCH Standard -35W H1 Bulbs (6000k) -E46 R Shrouds -35w/50w CANbus Ballasts (error free) -Wiring / relay harness (included I believe) A few questions about installation: Maybe...
  9. General E46 Forum
    I have had my 2004 E46 325xi for a year and a few days as of today. The one I purchased was equipped with the AL HID Xenon Headlights and unfortunately for me has caused me nothing but problems. The current problem however may turn out to be the most expensive. About 2 weeks ago my driver side...
  10. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    This is for prefacelift headlights (single xenons). Used. Tested to be working. SOLD
  11. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD I have a pair of OEM Xenon/HID headlights from a 2004 convertible M3 in excellent shape. Ballasts are included. Asking $500 + shipping OBO.
  12. Lighting Forum
    The car i want to ask about : E46 320D (Dont know if engine matters) Sedan Year 2000 Whit out Xenon Package Hello E46 Users i was wondering how can i retrofit auto leveling headlights.I know that LCM (the module were we turn on the lights ) needs to be replaced + i need to add 2 level...
  13. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hello, Today i'm relisting a pair of new in box Depo Xenon headlights + conversion kit for e46 3-series. I originally posted them for sale last year but didn't end up closing the deal with anyone. My original post can be accessed here: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1145609 I...
  14. Lighting Forum
    Hi there. I have a 2003 325xi and the clear plastic front pieces say AL on them, however the sticker on top of the housing looks white/silver, the Xenon lens does not have the horizontal seam, and the notches do not go all the way around, leading me to believe I have ZKW projectors. Is there...
  15. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Here’s my DIY for installing TheRetrofitSouce E46 projectors. Unfortunately i did this a while ago so I’m doing this from somewhat faded memory. Skipping removing the headlights from the car, you can see my bulb DIY for that since I basically removed the headlights in that DIY. All you do is...
  16. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    For sale is a used Genuine BMW driver's side bi-xenon headlamp assembly- OE part #0302494285, (interchangeable with part #63127165951 and #63126935729) . It is in perfect working condition. It does not come with bulbs, ballasts/igniters or modules. It contains only the headlamp assembly and...
  17. Lighting Forum
    I got into an accident a little while back and destroyed one of my factory bi-xenons and i don't want to spend that much money on a headlight. I was looking at spyder angel eyes but dont know if they will work or how to make them work. Will they just plug and play on a factory xenon car? I have...
  18. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Want to purchase a right side (passenger) bi xenon headlight housing OEM (wiring intact) for my E46 2004 BMW 325Ci.
  19. Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SOLD Selling a set of almost new LED angel eyes. I couldn't get them to sit perfectly centered and I don't like the look as much as I thought I would. I replaced the positive and negative terminals with bigger ones that fit around the connections. I only installed one side and didn't even drive...
  20. Lighting Forum
    Hey Guys, So I bought my 01 330ci about 6 months ago and its been having all sorts of problems since I bought the damn thing. One of the things that that I need to fix immediately is my headlights. The original owner of the car had replaced the oem headlights with Eagle Eye headlights with...
1-20 of 163 Results