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  1. Carbon Fiber wrapping my e90 interior

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hi, Started wrapping a new interior set for my e90 335 sedan. Found and using a new cloth which is black CF with a red tracer.... Just got them back from painter who did the clear coat for me... Thoughts? after first resin and initial trim: the set after 1 coat: The set after 4...
  2. Anyone Good At Wrapping Trim?

    General E46 Forum
    Cars being completely resprayed right now, so I'm trying to get as much time consuming work done now. I have about 10 days until I get the car back. I know I've seen a few people advertising wrapping trim, and I've contacted a few people on here with no response. I'm looking for black CF vinyl -...
  3. BMW 645 Interior Carbon Wrapping Project

    The Showroom
    It's been a while since I've posted here; business been doing great and have had to hire staff to support the demand. Want to thank all the members here that have supported me and spread the word in regards to my wrapping services: Below are some pictures from my first 645 project car...
  4. Carbon Effects Custom Carbon Fiber wrapping services new Site Launched!

    E90 Site Sponsors - Products, Sales & Group Buys
    The members of this forums' sister site have essentially fueled the growth of my custom carbon fiber wrapping services business :thumbsup: I've just launched my new website..... Major changes and upgraded portfolios that I will be keeping current with new projects and...
  5. Carbon Effects Custom Carbon Fiber wrapping services new Site Launched!

    General E46 Forum
    I'd first of all say thank you to all of the members whose parts I've wrapped over the last 2.5 years and have passed my name along to your friends....:woot: The members of this forum have essentially fueled the growth of my custom carbon fiber wrapping services business :thumbsup: I've just...
  6. HPF M3 Complete Carbon Fiber Interior Project

    The Showroom
    I just completed a complete interior wrap for a e46 MPF M3 (first in Canada when it was done!). This particular blue M3 is well known in the Canadian show circuit and is a regular winner of shows it's entered in.... Wrap included the standard 8 interior trim, seat surrounds, rear deck, centre...
  7. UPDATED WITH FINISHED PICS!!!!***Types of CF Interior/ Exterior wraps. Assistance?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey, so im planning on doing my interior and exterior carbon fiber wrapping but i dont know what too choose. i know there are different options like: Cloth/ vinyl 3M or "carbon wrap" so im doing it in a dark grey color and i found this website: that has...
  8. UPDATED WITH PICS - FINISHED**Those with Interior Wrapping** HELP PLEASE!!!

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys!, im looking to do the interior wrap for my silver trim and replacing it with a darg gunmetal silver carbon fiber. my question is: for those who have a wrapping installed which is better, cloth or the vinyl? which one last longer and looks more real. i DONT want a glossy look to it...
  9. M6 Shift Surround Carbon Wrap Project

    The Showroom
    Hey; I was contacted by an acquaintance who owns one of the most beautiful black M6s with a small issue..... he had spilled something (later determined to be cola) that had eaten the brushed aluminum surface of his shift surround to the extent that it had caused ripples.... He already...
  10. Carbon Wrapping Project: Lexus IS250 interior trim

    The Showroom
    Hey! I've been wrapping a Lexus IS250 set for a member on this board and they've aksed me to start a build thread, so here are the pictures so far:
  11. Carbon Wrapping Project: e46 HPF AA M3 Engine Parts

    The Showroom
    Hey; Just started a new project; an AA Supercharged e46 HPF M3!! Doing many of the engine pieces; including intake manifold!!. Just started, so only a couple wrapped so far, but I've cut the cloth and prepped the remaining pieces. So after the Superbowl tonight I might wrap another couple...
  12. New Carbon Wrapping Project: Mercedes C63 AMG

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey; Was just given the complete trim interior trim from a buddies C63 AMG. Wants it done in black carbon fiber cloth (no 3M DiNoc here). So far, have applied carbon fiber cloth and first coat of resin. Parts in pictures below are at VERY early stage and still require trimming and alot of...
  13. e46 Custom wrapped coupe set. Full armrest wrap and custom double DIN bezel

    The Showroom
    Hey; Finally getting a few seconds to post a thread. As many of you have seen my threads on other boards, I'm going to be posting new threads here and possibly a few threads of some cool projects I've either worked on, or am working on. I will be posting a thread once I start wrapping the...
  14. Carbon-Effects Wrapping Price List

    The Showroom
    I've been getting alot of requests to post prices of my more popular items. These are most common parts I'm wrapping, but don't hesitate to inquire if your part is not listed!! :thumbup: More details and pictures are available on my website @ Updates weekly. Prices...
  15. New Carbon Fiber Engine Parts (BMW and Ferrari)

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    Hey! Been busy wrapping some new engine parts for my 330Xi. They now include Fuel Rail cover, ECU Cover + Cabin Air Filter Cover. Currently working on exhaust manifold cover, seat surrounds and set backs as well as Ferrari 360 intakes. For the exhaust manifold cover, I'm going to tape...
  16. Carbon-Effects Website Re-launch

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    Just a quick note to inform all members of the re-launch of our new website. :excited: It will be updated regularly with new projects/products as they become completed. :thumbup: Also, documenting the process of Carbon Fiber wrapping, so you can...
  17. New Carbon Fiber Products: Cabin Air Filter and ECU Cover

    The Showroom
    Have just completed wrapping my 1st Cabin Air Filter; think it came out great!! Also did the ECU cover for the same member and tried some new techniques on these parts which I believe the pictures will show worked out extremely well!!!! :excited: Took some pictures of the finished products...
  18. Carbon-Effects is now a Sponsor! (Nachos23)

    Que, Ont, NB, NS, Nfld, PEI
    Hey guys; Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm now a site sponsor of e46fanatics and will be posting parts for sales and services offered. Under the username: nachos23 @ I will be still posting under my original username of: Nachos23, but all Wrapping related...
  19. Teaser: Blue Kevlar Interior Pictures for Estoril Blue E46 M3

    Sponsor Press Releases & New Product Announcements
    One of the members has asked me to wrap a set with a blue kevlar/black carbon fibre composite cloth..... Here are the first pictures of the cloth and initial sizing on a couple of the interior pieces: More to come as we move through this project.... Really looking forward to seeing this...