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  1. Australia
    Hi guys, We are running some service savers over a couple of months for the E46fanatics Members. If you need a quote on any service or modification please feel free to message or call us. (03) 9387 4440 Oil change service $250.00inc GST Coolant service $100.00inc GST Brake fluid service...
  2. Australia
    Hey guys, I thought I would stop past and see how it is all going in E46 world :thumbup: At WORX we have started off the year in a big way, we have a new member of staff that have come across from BMW Doncaster, also the purchase of our new Autologic machine. (above dealer level computers) Also...
  3. Australia
    Hey guys, A customer is selling his car that might be of interest to the E46 crowd. This car is in pretty very good nick for it's age. The car is a factory individual car, carbon black, with black leather sports seats and black wood trim (rare). It has been changed to a factory manual trans...
  4. Australia
    Hey guys, I have a good condition, used E90 Msport rear carbon diffuser for sale. it is a very nice looking part. Good fitment and so on. Factory looking part, just made out of carbon. This will not fit the coupe, only the sedan with the Msport bumper. 100 bucks and it's yours ;)
  5. Australia
    G'day guys and girls! Thought I would stop past and let you all know we are back from Holidays as of today. :clap: Time to get busy, so much backed up work, but the holiday was much needed :) If anyone has got a late reply from us this is why. I trust everyone had a good break? Speak soon...
  6. Australia
    For sale Bilstein PSS10 Suit E9X around 20,000km on them, just been serviced as well. Asking 1k for the kit.
  7. Australia
    Hey guys, Sell one of my cars. I bought it for my mother about 2 years ago. Sadly she can no longer drive manual, so I had to buy her a auto :banghead: This is the best R53 mini cooper S on the market. I spent a lot of time looking for it. If anyone knows someone that is after one, this is...
  8. Australia
    Hey guys we will be trading on Saturday mornings 9am till 12pm. Just so we can move a bit more work out the doors. So our trading hours will be Monday to Friday 8am till 5pm. Saturday 9am till 12pm Catch ya around! :thumbup:
  9. Australia
    Hey guys! I have not posted a thread for a bit so I thought I would :read: We are going to offer a special on BMW oil service (oil & Filter) for $200inc for the month of June :shhh: Also we have been sea foaming a lot of cars lately, We offer this service for $80inc. Some information...
  10. Australia
    We need to boost our fan base! so we have decided to say whoever is the 1000th like on our facebook page, gets a free oil service ;) No good for us if it is a M3 owner :eeps: Worx Automotive Also for you Aussies don't forget ESS tuning Australia :woot:
  11. Australia
    Yes that's right we are back from holidays! We hope everyone had safe and happy holidays :thumbup: So we are back on board for some more BMW modding 2012 style! :rofl: Some videos for some inspiration :woot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Syfh2JonZI4&feature=youtu.be...
  12. Australia
    Don't forget to like :D Click! :woot: All will be uncovered soon :shhh:
  13. Australia
    Hey I just thought I would post up on here for once. If you want to see our normal news thread have a look here Some work we have done over the last week. VF supercharger kit install Before After Audi S5 tuning, sorry not real pics of tuning Porsche HID conversion PSS10 install into...
  14. Australia
    Hey guys, Just thought I would let you know we are a dealer for LUX angel eyes in Australia :thumbsup: If you have any questions feel free to PM me PIC Also LUX V3 Vs Stock :excited: Regards, Stephen.
  15. Australia
    Hey hey :hi: Just a list of new things that are happening over the holidays at worx. New hoists, New workshop lay out, Office extensions, New diagnostic software/computers, New invoicing system, ESS flash tuning available for NA cars and supercharged. ESS superchargers, More exhaust equipment...
  16. Australia
    Last year I offered free vehicle inspections for members. We will be running this again right up to Christmas :) Call me if you want to book in :thumbsup:
  17. Australia
    hi guys! its my first post since joining bcoz works been flat out! no time to even scratch myself...anyway, ive got a 2000 BMW E46 4DR Sedan and want to put in some angel eye headlights, but i want to keep my halogen globes, since ive got M-Tech Cosmos Blue low beams and im very happy with em...
  18. Australia
    Hey guys, Heading up to QLD with TMQ and Exile. I'm really looking forward to this holiday, I have been in need of one for two years :D Dates are (leaving Melbourne 5am) 2nd of jan till the 17th of January. So if there is anyone that wants to catch up for a cruise or lunch along the way let...
  19. Australia
    Hey hey, We are selling genuine Bosch fuel filters for E46.... RRP of $202.00 each from BMW. We selling them for $120.00 each. This is the proper E46 filter with the pressure regulator and all. BMW do not have a set time for replacement of the fuel filter, I think that is a bit silly...
  20. Australia
    For the rest of the month of march, worx will be giving free under car inspections for E46 fanatics members. Just a way I can contribute to the forum :) Got a inquiry? shoot me a PM
1-20 of 21 Results