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wood trim

  1. General E46 Forum
    Anyone think there's any possible way the wood handbrake trim from the E60 could be retrofitted to our cars? Swapping my car over to smoke poplar, but it looks like handbrake trim was never made in this color for us :confused: P/N for the E60 part is 34400302393.
  2. Interior
    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my interior trim from wood to piano black, I don't fancy paying the £1024 + vat from the BMW retailer! My interior is in great condition with only one mark which isn't really visible if anyone wants to swap/buy. And buttons on the gear leaver surround would be great...
  3. Interior
    - M3 Steering Wheel - Condition: Leather is in good condition, small scrap with a slight tear in stitching (Pictured). Upper trim and buttons are all in good shape. Lower trim is scuffed up at the bottom (Pictured). Airbag not included. Reason for sale: Upgraded to a perforated leather M3...
  4. General E46 Forum
    I need to take off my wood trim inside my 328ci but it has like 10 vertical cracks. If I try to pry it off will it just fall apart?
  5. Interior
    Coupe or Sedan center console wood trim piece available in Del Mar, CA. Piece is in excellent condition and easy to install yourself. If your trim is messed up, chipped, or ugly then consider freshening it up with this for only $35. Cut out for 2 buttons on each side so not for a convertible...
  6. Interior
    Got a nice condition wood trim for around shifter that fits E46 coupe and sedan as has space cut out for 2 buttons on each side Need to net $30. Will ship. san diego/Del Mar
  7. Interior
    Entire wood trim off my 2002 325Ci convertible in excellent condition. Includes grey arm rest covers which could be switched out with yours if you were looking to upgrade the wood trim. Will provide 3 dash trim, center console trim (specify if need 2 or 3 button version as have both), 2 front...
  8. Interior
    Soon selling my interior wood trim on the 2002 325Ci convertible. All 3 dash pieces, center shift area and shift knob, front and rear door rest trim will be included. All the trim is in very good condition and looks great. Timing needs to be somewhat flexible to arrange sale. Interested offers...
  9. Australia
    Hi all I bought this full set of trim's a while ago off another forum member as I was thinking of getting them sprayed piano black but never got around to it. It is a full set of trims except for the steering wheel. They are in excellent condition. Make me an offer I am in Dingley in...
  10. Interior
    I have a complete wood trim kit for an E39 for sale. Still in box brand new.... Part # - 51 41 8 203 723 The kit does not include the radio trim and the center console trim. Those pieces were removed prior to me acquiring the kit. The kit includes all four door trim pieces and the pieces...
  11. Interior
    fs: wood trim for the convertible ONLY the wood trim armrests available ------------------------------------- they are in the attached photo. -rear armrests (good condition) -front armrests (slight crack in each, but otherwise in ok condition)
  12. Interior
    For Sale: Complete wood trim for e46 Sedan. This was parted from a Premium 2001 330i. Shift Knob included. I bought this from an e46fanatic but never installed it in my own ride. $80 + Shipping Attached are his pics, They are still in the packaging that he sent to me. Email me for pics...
  13. tan leather, wood trim

    tan leather, wood trim

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