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  1. Lighting
    How would i fix this somehow car wont start cause I cut it by doing the angel eyes installation. Any clue?
  2. E46 General
    I've been having couple of different problems with my 323ic, however I am completely unsure what this wire is for, if anyone knows or might have the smallest of ideas, please let me know!
  3. Lighting
    Hello people, i bought these , and they're supposed to wired but when i wired through the glove box light or the footlight, it just stays on for a brief second and it goes off, I tried the cigarette lighter, but no sign, I don't know what else to do, and why they stop working right away. Any one...
  4. E46 General
    2003 325i I went to get a new driver's side tire, and they tried jacking up the car where the jack point has clearly been rusted to shit. Heard some crunching, then they jacked it up from the frame. After this my driver's seat adjustment, heated seat, and wipers all stopped working. All the...
  5. E46 General
    Hey guys I recently bought a ZHP sedan to upgrade from my rusty 325ci. Well, the rear view mirror was unattached and as I was putting it back on, I noticed that the rain sensor was unplugged and the connector was broken. The 4 wires are just dangling. Anyone know where I can buy just the 4 pin...
  6. E46 General
    Today on "What is this?!" we have a mysterious pink wire in my trunk. A little background: Recently went to the dealer to get the airbag recall done. They checked the computer and the taillight recall was also in the system and they said they could take care of both recalls at the same time...
  7. Lighting
    Okay gues my driver side headlight is not working , when iturn headlights on only the passenger side is functional. So i took them out too replace but for some reason when switched , both headlights worked. Soo iput back to original position and turned on headlights and the lamp was on for my...
  8. E46 General
    hi recently noticed that i have a snapped wire. and im wondering where does it go and what is it for. engine works fine without it :D does someone knows what is this wire for?
  9. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a Canadian 2003 BMW 320i with the basic 6 speakers. no amp and the "Business CD" unit. I would like to install an aftermarket Kenwood AMP and SUB that I salvaged from my previous car. I've heard that the simplest way to do this is to use a line-out converter and tap into the...
  10. E46 General
    Hey all, I have a 2004 330ci sport (6 speed manual) and bought some led light bars that are smoked over. I have black grills and was going to mount the lights inside the kidneys to give it a stealthy hidden look when the car is off. They will be set up as DRL. I do not want to hook them up...
  11. E46 General
    do you guys know if the M3 smg engine wire harness, tranny harness is interchangeable between manual and smg? or would i need to buy another harness?
  12. E46 General
    Hey Installed this way back, just posting up some picks it was fun to make and the sound is EXQUISITE. The lower frequencies flow well throughout the car much different than a box. Its less in the head more in the body. It comes right through the seats it is simply amazing one of my favourite...
  13. Lighting
    Hi, well i just sign in because i always read and do research before ask, il go straight to the thing. I just bought some led angel eyes they come in a black box and are for e46 or any bmw, they dont come with a manual or something, i see te wiring is exactly the same as almost all angel eyes...
  14. E46 General
    I'm not sure what this wire goes to its hanging down under the the right fog light, but it works and so do the front and side indicators. Anybody know what it goes to? I have a 2001 BMW 330Ci with Sport and Premium Packages,
  15. E46 General
    I accidentally broke it off the battery connection <p> :facepalm:
  16. E46 General
    So my release cable to my hood snapped and the little hinge that's suppose to pop up my hood is all loose now so i cant close my hood :(. any one know of a diy on this or something similar? Where can i buy this part? Thank you guys for any feed back.
  17. E46 General
    Ok, so I have searched and searched and found nothing about this. I am looking for a diy or a way to run a wire to the inside of the car to have a toggle swith for my angel eyes. Ive looked and loooked and I cant find sh*$#. Anyone know where to run a wire from the engine bay to the cockpit??:ben:
1-17 of 18 Results