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windows auto up
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  1. E46 General
    Hi I've just put my 2003 E46 325i back on the road for the summer. Just before I put it away last year, on my last drive I noticed that the passenger mirror wouldn't adjust from the door switch. When I select reverse, the mirror dips automatically so the motors are working. I'm sure it's just a...
  2. E46 General
    My key rolls the windows down with just one click if I click it twice it doesn’t anyone got any idea why this would be coded the wrong way around and how I’d change it 😂
  3. E46 General
    So over this weekend I decided to install NCS expert on a laptop to try to code my 2005 M3 coupe. I cannot seem to open windows with the remote key. My options are set as following: KOMFORTOEFFNEN_FB_O_FH_HI :remote opens rear window nicht_aktiv KOMFORTSCHLIE_FB_O_FH_HI : remote closes rear...
  4. E46 General
    i searched the archives and didn't really find anything, but if this has already been covered, feel free to direct me over to the thread! so, my 200 328i is now starting to lock itself and shut the windows on itself. the locks will sporadically lock themselves when it's running AND when it's...
  5. E46 Convertible
    Hi Guys, I have a problem with the auto up of my front windows. After a battery change this feature was lost. Both windows work very well with their individual switch, but not with the central switch. I searched the forums and bought PA soft 1.4 and I just made a diagnosctic which gives the...
1-5 of 5 Results