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wheels setup
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  1. ///M3 Forum
    So I bought a new set of wheels today... They are 245/45 r18's similar to the ASA gt5 style wheels and they came with brand new blizzak lm-60's :). Anyways, I found out that they are all the same size, :eek: (the craigslist post left much to be desired) the back wheels fit decently but the...
  2. Tire & Wheel Forum
    Hi guys found an add for some 18'' bmw m rims and wanted some opinions on them. the guy said he had them on his 2003 325i so i figured they would fit my 2001 330i. Talked him down to $450. So do you think they are worth it? http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=16496509&cat=600&lpid=5&search=bmw
  3. Wheels and Tires
    Looking to purchase 4 wheels/winter tires for a 2005 330ci ZHP. Looking to purchase close to the Nashville, TN area. Would prefer OEM but will consider others. PM to discuss futher.
  4. General BMW Model Discussion
    Hey Hows it going? I've got a 2007 328i, and I tried posting this on the e90 fanatics website, but as well know its not nearly as helpful as this forum at this point so I need some help. I want to upgrade my wheels and know there are many articles out there, but just want to know everyone's...
  5. ///M3 Forum
    ok ive decided im buying the umznita uforged u20 wheels. since they let u create the wheel however u want. i was gonna do a 19x8.5 front and 19x10 rear. now i talked to them and everything but i wanted your advice also. i want the car to have no rubbing. they are going on a M3. front wheel...
1-5 of 5 Results