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weird noise

  1. 320i Problems with starting/running

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Everyone! So i just went out and drifted and had some fun for a bit on the snow, i span around on the ice and my car turned off. When i went to start it it started rather unusally, it took him 2-3 sec to start up and then it was running odd like something is clogged or something like that...
  2. Help! Metal-on-Metal "Thumping."

    General E46 Forum
    So I got this issue going on: I get a strange and somewhat loud metal on metal thumping sound coming from the rear of my 5 speed 325Ci. It started when I was on my way home from the gym and I went over a railroad crossing; nothing was in my way on the road and it wasn't a big "bump" like some...
  3. Weird noise

    General E46 Forum
    Today I start having this weird noise around 7pm. Park at a gas station and couldnt see anything. Will re-check tomorrow. No codes. Can any of you maybe know what this is?