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  1. Car Care
    As the title says, I'm not looking for a cutting pad then wax. Just wax. Right now I think for the price and how good it works I am considering Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax. Thanks guys.
  2. Car Care
    So ClaytonL mentioned starting a thread about this. What products/methods/routines do you guys use to wash your cars? Any special tricks for minimizing swirl marks? What products do you NOT recommend? Interior or Exterior things. I use: Wash: Chemical Guys Citrus Wash Blue Grout Sponge...
  3. Car Care
    Hi folks i have a ok knollage on how to detail a car. However i am in the middle of doing a Full color change on my bm. its going frozen white with blue pearl through the clear coat and a black high gloss roof and wing mirrors and lip spoiler. the original colour is topaz blue. I am just...
  4. Car Care
    Hi guys. I've got a ´02 318i with bluewater metallic coating that really needs som freshing up. This is my first BMW though and I just wanted to hear your recommendations for wax, polisher etc. Everything needed to get the cars paintjob to a proper level.
  5. Car Care
    2 purpose thread! just got back to the car after a long winter, decided to try my hand at a wash polish wax etc-what do you guys think/any advice? and 2: there is a lot of chipping/random nicks at the bottom of my front bumper-this is a result of 9 years of lowered use, but i was wondering if...
  6. E46 Showroom
    Spent all afternoon detailing the car, But it was worth it. It's my first time detailing so its not perfect, But I got good Practice.:) Shamwow :luv: Parked it outta the sun so i wouldn't get spots. Shine, FTW My Dad comes home and ruins my plans for solo pics :banghead...
1-6 of 6 Results