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  1. E46 General
    I broke the pulley when I was trying to break the fan bolt lose any suggestions will take any offers at this point want to put the motor mounts lower control arms and oil pan gasket on before Saturday.
  2. E46 General
    Just received my Graf water pump in the mail, the sheet metal impeller hasn't really impressed me but a few of you guys seem to swear by them. What's the take on them in 2022, is it a vocal minority? Just go with the OE Saleri pump instead?
  3. E46 General
    water pump Is this normal? I’ve been getting a rumbling sound at idle I am not sure if its from my water pump.
  4. E46 General
    Hey everybody. So I have a 2000 323i automatic that just won't behave. A couple of days ago I was driving home and overheated. A surprise since last summer I replaced the expansion tank, radiator, and hoses. Got the car towed home refilled with coolant and she held everything without spilling a...
  5. E46 General
    Hey guys i am about to do a change on some cooling system part and i saw the Mishimoto aluminum Expansion Tank, and i was wondering has anyone tried it. I looked and i have not found any reviews. Please help thanks !
  6. E46 General
    2000 323i 5 speed manual 131000km/81000miles hey guys so last week Thursday on my way home from work at 5am(cool morning) i was driving down the highway going 65mph/110kph and i unfortunately cant say the second i saw the temp gauge rising i pulled over, i was driving after a long shift and was...
  7. E46 General
    hey this is my first post so please take it easy on me im just getting into the community and still figuring things out. I did search many different times on this forum and many more times off of google and you tube and still not a full explanation in sight. i have to do a complete cooling...
  8. E46 General
    I will describe the noise as best as I can and see if anyone can figure out what it could be: e46 325CI conv. Its a ticking noise. Does not make noise when at idle or in park. Makes noise slowly when starting to move and then gets faster as car goes faster. Not a "tick" like rocker arms with no...
  9. E46 General
    ok, so i have a 2001 330 ci and while driving from another city i noticed my temp. gauge was moving closer to the red overheating side so i pulled over, open the hood and i saw tons of steam coming from the the engine and little to no coolant in the expansion tank. so i put some coolant in and...
  10. E46 General
    Ok here is the deal. #1 I have a coolant light on. So I started diagnosing. I think my thermostat is stuck closed for these reasons , first the top radiator hose gets hot & the bottom stays cool during normal operating tempature. Two is the heater is not blowing hot air when running normal...
1-10 of 11 Results