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warped rotors

  1. 2002 BMW 325xi Wear & Tear Concerns

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all. This is my first post. I've spent the past two weeks scouring these boards for information on the car I recently purchased (2002 325xi). I've noticed people always want n00bs to use the search button (which I did) but I have some questions because this is my first BMW so I'm not sure how...
  2. Steering wheel shaking after replacement of Front CA's and Bushings

    General E46 Forum
    Just last weekend I replaced my Front Control Arms, Bushings, and Wheel Bearings. Now when I drive 55 - 60 mph and above I get a nasty shake on my steering wheel. This occurs without me applying any brakes! When I apply the brakes the shake is bad as well... I am 90% sure that this is due to...