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  1. ABS + Emergency Brake + Warning lights on + Speedometer + Fuel efficiency not working

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    It all started two weeks ago. in this order: 20 days ago: One angel eye not working on the Xenon beam 10 days ago: Second angel eye not working on the H7 High beam + H7 High beam not working 5 days ago: ABS + Emergency Break + Warning lights turned on 2 days ago: Speedometer not working 1 day...
  2. FS/FT - OEM Warning Triangle/Escort x50 Radar/Steering Wheel/BMW Performance Knob

    Well, I've become tired of looking at a few things and am also letting a few things go in lue of upgrades. The prices below INCLUDE shipping to the lower 48. Prices are somewhat firm, but if you feel I am asking a bit too much you can hit me up with an offer, just don't lowball me. I will...