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  1. Sub Level Problem

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    So today I successfully installed a 12 inch 1200watt sub with a 1100watt mono block amp. I took the audio signal from the left and right HK sub wires that are attached directly to the speaker (like so (not my picture, just...
  2. Need help with my navigation system/radio

    General E46 Forum
    I want to adjust the speed sensitive auto volume for my radio w/ navigation, but I can't figure it out. I have looked in the manual and can't find anything about it. I read other threads that say to press and hold the RDS button or SEL button, but I do not have a RDS button and I've held the SEL...
  3. Factory Professional Stereo playing up...

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have this installed from factory and it has a very peculiar and particular but INCREDIBLY frustrating glitch. At exactly a certain point when raising the volume, almost all the bass cuts out. Whether I use the volume knob or the steering wheel control, I literally go one notch higher and the...
  4. no sound on my cd/radio tv or sat

    General E46 Forum
    Hi can anyone help, i have e46 325ci 2001 with sat nav/tv, i cant get any volume no matter if its on sat nav tv cd player or radio but they all seem to be workin, just no sound? any help will be much apreciated. Thanks