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vibrating noise

  1. General E46 Forum
    Hi, Few months back i got a 2002 330i with 127k miles and an auto tranny, my first and I with a developing experience on cars in general. For about 2weeks now i've been noticing this transient vibration around the steering and dashboard whenever i approach 80km/h. Last week on my way from work...
  2. E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Last night my car was No issue. But in this morning, my car gets extreme vibration and sounds like a helicopter in the front Wheel not the engine. I took it to an auto shop and asked what's wrong in my car. they told me try to turn a circle at both side and see which side's bearing is going...
  3. General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, just wanted to post a quick question. My shifter vibrates occasionally when I shift into 2nd gear in my 1999 323i. This is the only gear it does it in. Should I get this checked out? Is it a serious problem? Something I can fix myself? Any feedback will help thank you.
  4. General E46 Forum
    Folks, This is about my 03 325i with 98k miles. There seems to be a vibrating noise inside the cabin with all windows up while i move the car from stop. no noise while idling and after 10 mph . noise feels like coming from the windows or windshield in slow speed noise is similar to a...