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  1. WTB - hardtop for e46

    Looking for a hardtop for an e46. Any color is fine, thanks!
  2. Are vert and coupe trunk tail lights the same

    ///M3 Forum
    I recently had my left trunk tail light fail the silicone job was done poorly so now I need a new one but I checked eBay and wanted to be 100% sure before I bought anything no replacing tail lights just trunk lights on 2002 convertible m3
  3. E46 M3 2004 M3 Convertible - LOW MILES

    Complete Cars - Private
    For sale is my extremely low mile and clean 2004 BMW M3 Convertible in Mystic Blue Metallic and Dove Grey Nappa leather interior. The car currently has 47,500 well cared for miles. It has the more desirable true 6 speed manual transmission that shifts great. 2 keys and all owners books included...
  4. E46 Convertible 2002 E46 Silver & Black 82K serviced & clean !!

    Complete Cars - Private
  5. E46 Convertible SOLD: 2003 BMW 325Ci Convertible with 5-sp Manual, Milwaukee, WI - SOLD

    Complete Cars - Private
    For sale 2003 BMW 325 Ci Convertible with 5 speed manual transmission. Milage: 163,000 miles, Steel Grey Metallic exterior and Black Leather interior with Myrtle wood interior trim, Xenon headlights, Harman Kardon audio and Integrated Garage Door Opener. The car is in spectacular condition...
  6. FS: 2006 E46 M3 Vert - 6MT - AW/BLK - 69k Miles - Excellent Cond.

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi all, I'm moving from AZ shortly and had planned to take the M3 with me. However, I could use the extra space on the trailer so here it is: This car has been impeccably maintained, I have a detailed service history from previous owners and myself. It's compiled into a book with 35+ pages of...
  7. Potentially buying M3 Vert....Need advice and appreciated...

    ///M3 Forum
    Put in wrong area so moved it over here..... I found a 2005 6 Speed Manuel Vert with 77,xxx. Having a PPI done Thursday to look over everything, from dealer so don't think I can get any service records. Some small issues I noticed were a few dings in the body, stuff I can live with at the right...
  8. WTB: E46 M3 Vert 6MT

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hello All, I am currently in the market for an e46 M3 Convertible. Years preferred are 2003.5 and up and must be a Manual. Ideal exterior color would be Silver or Dark Blue with Cinnamon, Imola or Black interior. Mileage under 80k. Located in Massachusetts but willing to go to surrounding...
  9. FT/FS E46 M3 6 speed

    Complete Cars - Private
    Looking to trade / sell my 2002 e46 m3 cabrio. Open to all trades but would like a SMG Coupe Black on black 6 speed manual Just hit 80k miles Asking $16,000 Fresh fluids ( diff with expensive friction modifier oem fluid, oem manual trans fluid, oil and brake fluid) , rotors and pads...
  10. E46 M3 Help with price 2003.5 M3 Vert 6Speed

    Complete Cars - Private
    I just sold my 2005 Carbon Black 6Speed cinnamon interior M3 with 64k to a guy on this forum do to buying a new house. I miss it dearly and want another one. I just found a 2003.5 64k speed carbon black with black interior convertible :rolleyes: . I know I perfer the coupe as well. Clean...
  11. Window Desn't Drop Down Soon Enough

    E46 Convertible
    2001 E46 M3 Very My passenger window doesn't go down soon enough. The door needs to be opened too far before it does. The amount it goes down is fine, and it does go down every time. This is a new problem, and I'm worried it might get worse, and actually break the glass. My driver's side is...
  12. Custom BBS Style 5s (LosAngeles)

    I have a set of Style 5s I want to sale so I can finishing paying for a project of mine. 17 step lip 18s Original faces 8.5-10 Lips and barrels custom to faces new 18x10.5 front 18x12 rear Comes with tires (minimal wear) 245/35 285/30 They were fitted to my e46 //M $2500obo Los Angeles area Text...
  13. E46 M3 F/S 2003 BMW M3 Vert SMG 116k

    Complete Cars - Private
    well this was suppose to be my car but ended up keeping my zhp sedan, i like more room. my uncle helped me purchase the car. i bought the car like 2 months ago from a dealer in florida, since im in new york and couldn't fly down so i paid a company to inspect the car to see if everything is...
  14. Back in black

    Back in black

  15. FS: 2005 e46 M3 Convertible Carbon Black/Black w/ SMG

    Complete Cars - Private
    Here is my fully loaded upgraded/tastefully modded 2005 e46 M3 Convertible in Carbon Black with black interior and black wheels with the SMG trans. Visit my site for all the details: Nearly 90k miles, asking $24,900 OBO. Willing to hand deliver. Hate to see it go but...
  16. E46 330 FS: 2002 330 convertible sport and premium SoCal

    Complete Cars - Private
    REDUCED to $7000 - I need to move it! This is a great car and I don't want to sell it but my wife has convinced me that 2 kids = time to get a station wagon. So my loss can be your gain! This is a 2002 BMW 330 CI Convertible with 5 speed manual Sport & premium packages Aftermarket Bremmer...
  17. 2006 e46 m3 gps aux help!!! who has done it?

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Been llooking forever...can't find anyone who has done it before...I have an 06 e46 m3 with GPS and I'm looking to install an aux!!!
  18. E46 Convertible OEM BMW Windscreen With carrying case

    I got a new very good condition windscreen with the carrying case. It has no tears or rips and nothing is peeling off of it. It is in very good condition, barely used. Located in Burbank CA, pics will come up tonight. packed and ready to go! $275 picked up! text me 8183889881