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  1. Motorsports, Track
    I'm looking for companies that make a solid 1/2 cage for a E46 Vert 2002 325ci ? Don't need opinions on how it's a waste, or will do nothing yada yada, I searched, I found old threads, but the mods told me to make new threads and not bring ones back from the dead pic for the hell of it
  2. E46 Convertible
    I have spent the last week reading the forum regarding troubleshooting the convertible top. I was able to get the buttons to stop blinking red. By manually locking top and or turning the lid lock manually. With top completely closed trying to open lid does nothing. With top stored trying to...
  3. E46 Convertible
    I’m having a problem figuring out why my trunk won’t lock when I lock the doors. The only time I can get it to not open is when I unplug the battery and shut the trunk. I have tried putting the key in the lock and locking it that way but still won’t lock. I have locked blth doors and am still...
  4. E46 Convertible
    Anyone found any seat cover which work for for the vert, with the seat belt being in the seat?
  5. E46 General
    The door and fender on my coupe are trashed and I found a pair off a vert but I’m not sure they would fit my coupe or not. My car is a 2003 and the vert is a 2002. The doors look similar but I don’t know if they will fit together or not
  6. E46 M3
    Hello, Not sure if there is another place this should be posted, if there is please let me know. Our 2001 M3 vert came with what looks like a Top Speed Pro 1 exhaust. I research it and found it on the website BMW E46 M3 Coupe Convertible 01-06 Rear Section RACE Version Exhaust System. This...
  7. E46 Convertible
    What part is broken so I can order that first? Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time to reply. Rehabbing my daughter's new 2001 E46 330ci vert has so many priorities that I haven't taken on the power top yet. But Spring is Coming....
  8. E46 M3
    I recently had my left trunk tail light fail the silicone job was done poorly so now I need a new one but I checked eBay and wanted to be 100% sure before I bought anything no replacing tail lights just trunk lights on 2002 convertible m3
  9. E46 M3
    Put in wrong area so moved it over here..... I found a 2005 6 Speed Manuel Vert with 77,xxx. Having a PPI done Thursday to look over everything, from dealer so don't think I can get any service records. Some small issues I noticed were a few dings in the body, stuff I can live with at the right...
  10. E46 Convertible
    2001 E46 M3 Very My passenger window doesn't go down soon enough. The door needs to be opened too far before it does. The amount it goes down is fine, and it does go down every time. This is a new problem, and I'm worried it might get worse, and actually break the glass. My driver's side is...
  11. California
    I have a set of Style 5s I want to sale so I can finishing paying for a project of mine. 17 step lip 18s Original faces 8.5-10 Lips and barrels custom to faces new 18x10.5 front 18x12 rear Comes with tires (minimal wear) 245/35 285/30 They were fitted to my e46 //M $2500obo Los Angeles area Text...
  12. DIY Guides
    Been llooking forever...can't find anyone who has done it before...I have an 06 e46 m3 with GPS and I'm looking to install an aux cord...how????!!!
  13. E46 Convertible
    Hi. I have a bmw 330Ci Convertible and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on some cheap and easy mods i can do myself. If anybody has anything in mind please let me know. Thanks.
  14. E46 Showroom
    So I've been a loong time lurker on the forums and decided to come outta my shell finally. My current ride is a humble 4 potter, last of the FL verts. I'm more inclined to keeping my ride OEM + clean coz with a 4 potter, am I qualified to even yearn for bhp? lolx... The prev owner did a great...
  15. E46 Showroom
    Hey everyone, my name is Adam and I finally bought (well 6 months ago) the car that I've wanted since I bought my first car in 2000... I really want an Imola on Imola but that combo is super super rare and only came in M3, or so I have heard. 2001 325Ci Cabriolet Orient Blue 5-speed Bought it...
1-18 of 38 Results