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    Searched around for an answer, but it's getting cold. When I turn heat on in my car, cool air blows out of my dash vents, but hot air out of the windshield defroster and feet vents. I recently redid tstat and ET, and bled it properly (I think), and I don't think it's a heater core problem...
  2. Exterior
    Wanting to see if anyone has a set of Vorsteiner rain covers for the gtr hood (E46). I may wind up with a gtr hood, but I fear that my lack of a garage could be an issue, if anyone has any input on that I'd appreciate the help.
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    Hello all, When I am driving my BMW there is a constant smell of oil fumes coming from the ventilation. The more I accelerate the stronger the smell gets and it sometimes feels like it's at a dangerous level. Can anyone tell me if this is a regular problem with the E46 and if so how I could go...
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    Hey, So I'm trying to fix the heater in my 325i. I have no control over airflow direction. I can hear the fan going, but (currently) it doesn't come out of any of the vents. I just finished a Final Stage Unit replacement, and there is no change. I'm going to be selling the car to a friend, and...
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    Pm me please
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    I am in the market to buy a E46, today I test drove a beautiful 2002 325xi, I noticed two things that made me uneasy. - The sunroof can open about 95% of the way but trying to open the other 5 will result in a clicking noise The sunroof slider seemed to be working well though - There was a...
  7. Exterior
    Hey, pics are pretty self explanatory, off of my 2006 BMW m3 haven't had them on for 2 yrs, so they have been kept in the box in plastic bag, no damage or signs of wear. The third pic u can see the BMW logo, showing that this is an oem product. please make an offer, and i am willing to...
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    post pictures if you have taken or have seen pictures of side vents on e46 coupes with no m fenders added. Thinking about doing it but wanna see how it looks first. Appreciate it if you can find 325ci pics so i can how the vents look with the sidemarkers. Thanks!:thumbsup: