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  1. WTB Vorsteiner CSL Trunk lid

    Looking to buy Vorsteiner csl trunk lid. If someone is interested in selling send me a price with shipping included to 44134 or i would be willing to pick up in a 250 mile radius.
  2. 2002 TiAg M3 Modded: TCKline, VCSL, Enkei, ACS, Wilwood, etc

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hey guys. Im posting my car up for sale because I want to get back into a Z06. If I didn't have my eye on one, I would keep this car, but I have a soft spot for a cammed V8 :drool: Anyways, the car is a 2002 TiAg M3 with grey interior. It does have SMG, which I absolutely love because I hate...
  3. Pic request: Topaz with CSL trunk

    The Showroom
    i'm in the market for a CSL trunk, really can't decide which. I've seen seen one other topaz with a painted eurospec one. painted trunks please :)
  4. V-CSL Bootlid and V-CSL Diffuser - Silver Gray - A08

    Immaculate condition Vorsteiner CSL Bootlid w/ inner liner/toolbox/BMW Roundel/M3 badge/OEM CSL trunk lights/OEM CSL plate holder grommets. Painted SILVER GRAY METALLIC. A08. SG. Perfect paintmatch. - SOLD SOLD SOLD Immaculate condition Vorsteiner CSL Diffuser w/ black Carbon Fiber exposed...