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vanos seals

  1. Poor Fuel Economy: Solution - VANOS

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has a similar issue. Ever since I got my car (2003 e46 325Ci Cabrio) I've been suffering from poor fuel economy but just thought that it was 'normal' since I drive the car like a bat out of hell pretty much all the time. Recently I...
  2. Items to replace while I'm already this far?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 2000 328i about to replace some vanos seals at 190k miles. I was looking at the kit from Bav Auto that comes with a new valve cover gasket and all the seals. Also while Im there i will be replacing spark plugs with NGK OEMs and coil packs. Has anyone ever used Bremi...
  3. Headers or Beisan VANOS Seals?

    General E46 Forum
    So I'm looking at refreshing my 04' ZHP that currently has 209k miles. Ideally I would like to do headers, VANOS seals and rattle kit all at the same time, which I was quoted $1100 in labor for at my indy. But if I had to do just one at the moment which would you guys suggest: headers or the...
  4. 02 325i 260,000k has no highway speed flat pedal *VANOS SEALS??*

    General E46 Forum
    just bought a relatively clean 2002 325i with 260,000k. Idle is quite smooth and no odd sounds. it does need vcg done immediately, I was also going to do the vanos seals, and spark plugs at the same time. Considering what Ive read on here about the usual VANOS symptoms, it may seem like the...
  5. 2005 318i erratic idle and stalling when cold

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, 2005 BMW E46 N46 engine. Would you mind giving me your opinion on what's wrong in this video? Also, I keep reading about these vanos seals but most of the stuff is referring to 6 cylinders, mine is the N46 4 cylinder. The one video I did...
  6. Any E46 VDO-Siemens Fuel Pump 16146752499 and DUAL VANOS seals

    Engine & Performance
    I have sold my e46 and now have a couple of parts lying around. Putting them up on ebay sometime soon if my phone ever decides to work. Bought the parts from Autohauzusa a little while back but never got around to installing. Anyway complete fuel pump and Dual Vanos seals for sale. 100 for...
  7. Vanos Seals

    General E46 Forum
    How can I tell if my seals are going? My 2004 325i 5sp has about 145,000 miles on it and I'm assuming that the vanos seals have not been tampered with. Like I have said before, the hesitation/jerking is most notable in 3rd gear from 2,500-3,000 rpms. I need some help in isolating the problem...
  8. Stupid question re: dual vanos replacement

    General E46 Forum
    I apologize if this has been convered elsewhere, but I have purchased a Dr. Vanos kit, and will be replacing my vanos in the next few days. For those that have done it, or are knowledgable on the subject, when changing the vanos out, does the engine have to be at TDC? At first glance, I...
  9. Double Vanos Seals Repair Kit From Beisan Systems

    Engine & Performance
    Double Vanos Seals Repair Kit From Beisan Systems I bought this kit from Beisan Systems for $60 + $5 shipping to do the Vanos seal replacement. Wrecked the car before I could do it. Still brand new in original bag from Beisan. $40 firm included shipping in the US
  10. Any one done the Vanos seals? I have them will be doing the DIY soon.

    So I realized the Vanos system seals have worn down in my car leaving some issues when the engine is cold and idol not been right. The new seals were needed rather then re purchasing the Fault Vanos system from BMW I did some reasearch and found the only way to correctly fix this problem was to...