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  1. 2000 323i E46 Valve Cover Leak

    General E46 Forum
    I took my 323i to my mechanic and was told I had a valve cover leak. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction as to which parts I should purchase to replace the cover and gasket. I understand OEM is always recommended but will after market parts that exceed OEM specifications...
  2. FS: M56 Valve cover

    Engine & Performance
    M56 valve cover Aluminum Valve cover Plastic M56 engine cover Plastic tube from valve cover to intake manifold M56 harness Shipped $250 within 48 States
  3. M56 Valve Cover Swap - Positive Crankcase Pressure?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Guys! Long time member here. Recently completed a full m56 Valve cover swap - including PCV delete. I'm now getting a large amount of positive pressure through the crankcase which is leading to oil leaks around the engine. When removing the Oil fill cap I get the sound of air pushing out...
  4. 2004 BMW 330ci valve cover gasket

    General E46 Forum
    Quick question about the valve cover on a 2004 BMW 330ci. My cover was recently damaged at it cracked. I have a new one to replace it but I was wondering if I needed to replace the gasket if I removed the valve cover. The only reason I am hesitated to replace the gasket is because I replaced it...
  5. Valve Cover Replacement: Difference between Pre/Post facelift Part#?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey I replaced my VCG due to oil leaks. After replacing it still leaks and i noted from other forums that my cover is warped. I will be replacing it but when im looking to order the replacement Valve Cover I am confused on which part to get. Im using ECS Tuning, I've always ordered there and...
  6. reliable independent shop in NW Arkansas?

    General E46 Forum
    My '01 325i is leaking at the valve cover again after about 85k miles since the last one. I've recently moved to NW Arkansas so I don't have an independent mechanic here. I'd do the the vc gasket myself but there's a slight coolant leak again around the water pump and thermo neck and I don't...
  7. M54 Rocker/Valve Cover Question

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Hi guys, I'm refreshing everything regarding potential vacuum leaks and vanos rebuild but on removing my valve cover and checking for warping i see the plastic valve cover is raised at the front. It's all straight bar the end covering the vanos itself where its lifted between 2mm and 3mm from...
  8. E46 325 WTB: Valve Cover #11121432928

    Engine & Performance
    I decided to do a smoke test, just to make sure everything was sealed-up tight. Aaaaand sho 'nuff.....smoke comes pouring out of the valve cover. Cracked plastic where the ground cable screws into on cylinder 1. UGH! :banghead: If anyone has one which has been leak-tested, is NOT warped...
  9. Any E46 M56 Valve Cover swap kit for M54 upgrade/CCV delete

    Engine & Performance
    SOLD I have a used M56 aluminum valve cover, beauty cover, breather hose and dipstick tube. If you have a post- 9/02 M54, this is what you need to swap your M54 engine to the M56 valve cover, deleting the annoying external CCV. If you have a pre- 9/02 car, you'll need a later-model coil harness...
  10. Broken engine cover mount removal

    General E46 Forum
    I was replacing my VCG this past weekend and find the engine cover mount closest to the firewall on my valve cover has broken. My attempts to remove it resulted in the rubber part further coming off. I've attached pictures of the non-broken mount for reference, and the broken one. Any ideas on...
  11. Valve cover

    Engine & Performance
    Anyone selling a M3 carbon valve cover in the states?:eeps:
  12. Valve Cover Gasket Bolt stuck

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi everyone, Currently I am trying to replace my valve cover gasket because it is leaking. I have removed every one of the vcg bolts except for the far left bolt. It will not budge, and on top of that, it is very difficult to get to. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. 323Ci Problems

    General E46 Forum
    So my car has been giving me problems for the past few months, some I have fixed and some are still on the list. I just replaced the fuel filter, alternator, I bought a set of coils and bosh Plat. 4s that I am debating on when I should put in. Before the fuel filter was changed it was throwing...
  14. Valve Cover Gasket Troubles

    General E46 Forum
    My 320i is still leaking oil from the valve cover after two replacements, causing smoke coming into the cabin and out of the engine bay. I figured I may have done something wrong the first time, so I replaced the gasket, all of the rubber grommets on the bolts, and the washers on all of the...
  15. Can I use a different Valve Cover?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys I have an '03 325ci (10/02) with part# 11 12 7 512 839, but I was wondering if I could use an identical looking one with the part# 11 12 7 512 840 instead?
  16. M54 Valve cover leak diagnosis

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Did a search and couldn't find anything useful. I ordered a new VCG (Elring part 11129070990) for my dad's 2001 330cic, as the present one leaks. When I got to his place and looked through the records from his indy shop, it says the VCG was replaced in April 2012 and again in March...
  17. Pin hole in valve cover

    General E46 Forum
    I was changing my oil today and notices a lot of oil and road scum buildup on top of my valve cover. After cleaning off the cover I noticed a small 1mm sized hole in the cover above the timing chain. Is there a way I could fix the hole without replacing the whole valve cover?
  18. Any E46 FS m54b30 Valve Cover 3.0L 6cyl New gasket / seals included!

    Engine & Performance
    Just sold my e46 2002 330i sedan. Over the course of my ownership I discovered a crack in my valve cover near one of the coils, so I went to the internet to purchase a new one. I ended up buying one from this forum, paying for it to be shipped, then finding a basically free brand new one from a...
  19. Increased Oil Consumption After VCG Replacement

    General E46 Forum
    A couple weeks ago I replaced the VCG, spark plugs, and rebuilt the Vanos unit. Since then it seems the moderate oil loss my car was suffering has increased. I have a hunch this could be caused by the CCV, but before I start ordering parts and taking on random jobs I thought I'd ask for...
  20. Replacing Valve Cover

    General E46 Forum
    I cracked my existing valve cover while replacing gasket about 750 miles ago and I'm now replacing it due to minor leakage. Should I install a new VCG or can I re-use the existing one that has only a few miles on it? Thanks. Sent from BimmerApp mobile app