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valve adjustment

  1. E46 M3 tapping/ticking sound at 2k rpm

    ///M3 Forum
    Hi all! I have a very disconcerning sound from my 2004 M3 177k miles. Theres a tap/ticking sound around 2000 RPMS that increases as RPMs increase. I'm wondering if its valve clearance and will a valve adjustment fix this or is there something else? Theres no vanos or motor codes. It almost...
  2. Valve Adjustment (in Hampton Roads): ECS vs OEM

    ///M3 Forum
    Anyone familiar with doing valve adjustments try the "jackup the rear and rotate the wheels in gear" method to turn the crank? I'm curious as it seems there is some risk (albeit minor) in using the fan clutch to turn the engine backwards. Also, what are your opinions on the ECS (75% less...
  3. Mechanical Over-Rev

    General E46 Forum
    I was in 3rd, went to shift into 4th at about 5500rpm and I shifted into 2nd... Don't know how or why I have never done this and car instantly lurched and looked like it hit over 7k... Instantly pushed clutch in couldn't have been more than a second. I coasted in neutral and engine was idling...
  4. E46 M3 S54 Valve Shim Kit For Sale

    Engine & Performance
    SOLD OEM BMW valve shim kit for sale with magnetic installation tool. Used for one valve adjustment. 15 shims were used from the kit and I will include the 15 shims that came out of the car. 220.00 shipped in the U.S. SOLD
  5. E46 M3 S54 timing, VANOS, and valve-lash kits. 2-week rental

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    Sheared your exhaust hub? VANOS noisy when cold? Purchase the Beisan seal kit? I have a complete VANOS timing toolset to loan out- including the custom tools for the spline gear bearing removal. $55 for two week rental. $200 deposit. $145 returned when the tools arrive in acceptable shape...
  6. Is the "Valve Adjustment" in Inspection 2 the same as VANOS

    ///M3 Forum
    Hello, I am getting Inspection 2 done on my 2006 M3 at 60,000 miles. Included is a "valve adjustment". I have also heard that when the miles start to rack up, the VANOS seals WILL corrode and go bad eventually. Does anyone know if the work they do in Inspection II is correcting the VANOS...
  7. E46 M3 Valve Adjustment Tools

    E46 BMW Tools for sale or rent
    Hello all! I've been helping the tri-state area with valve adjustments for the last couple of years and I think it's finally clear how to help everyone else out too. Shim installer/remover tools are not available to order from BMW retailers. Anything left available is still too expensive to...
  8. RaceWerkz M3 Photoshoot Video

    The Showroom
    We took advantage of the wide open floor space at the new RaceWerkz Engineering facility just before they moved their equipment in and brought in some E46 M3's for a photoshoot. The full shoot can be seen here:
  9. Any recommendations for VANOS service?

    I'm looking to have my VANOS serviced by a local and reputable place but I can't seem to find a place with the proper tools to do so... I just want a VANOS service, filter, O-rings and valve adjustment as a normal maintenance thing for an '04 330ci.
  10. Valve Adjustment

    General E46 Forum
    Quick question, Do the valves need to be adjusted on the M54 engine? I've seen a bunch of diy's for m3's but not for the other models. I just hit 100K and want to make sure that I'm not missing any maintenance needed. Thanks, Chris
  11. FS: Valve Adjustment Kit

    Engine & Performance
    SOLD!! Valve Adjustment Kit for Sale Includes Shims and Shim Tool $340 + Shipping. I recently did my Valve Adjustment Kit on my 2002 M3 and I used 4 of the 2.28 mm and 1 of 2.32mm Shims.
  12. FS: E46 M3 Shim Kit for Valve Adjustment

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    FS: E46 M3 Shim Kit for Valve Adjustment For sale: the shim kit used for a valve adjustment. I replaced used shims with brand new ones. Even includes some used ones (seen on the bottom right) to get the valves in tighter clearances. Includes original box. $350 + shipping Located in souther...