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vacuum line

  1. Secondary air pump help!!!

    General E46 Forum
    Okay so for the past two months I've been struggling to find what is causing my secondary air pump codes. I have replaced the vacuum line that runs from the check valve to the plastic line. That did nothing. I have tried the sea foam trick where you pour sea foam into the hose off the secondary...
  2. Missin vacuum line

    General E46 Forum
    Hello people I show on the picture the spot with a screw driver; Is anybody can tell where the rubber vacuum line that connect to the silver line that running on the middle of the manifold coming from? Missing rubber line suppose coming from the back and what part in the back of the engine that...
  3. (VOE) Vacuum operated exhaust

    E46 Xi Forum
    As of now I am running headers and a muffler delete (with resonators still in place) and I have to say I absolutely love the sound. Especially at high RPMs, it freakin screams. Not to mention how much quicker the car revs and how much harder it pulls in the upper range. :D The one thing I don’t...
  4. Vacuum Line Broke

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys i was working in my car the other day replacing my oil filter housing gasket when i broke this end off the "Y" support on the intake elbow. upon tuging on on the vacuum line to secure it with tape i noticted the other end wasnt even connected to anything. :facepalm: The vacuum line is...