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  1. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    After doing several mods to my 325xiT (headers, intake, 6 speed swap, smfw etc) I've looking for more power. Being that it's AWD and knowing my oil pan wouldn't bolt up to an s54 (and their cost) I've been on the hunt for a m54b30. A few weeks ago I found a hurricane/superstorm sandy motor, 35k...
  2. Motorsports & Track Forum
    Hi all. I just started a new project and want to share it with you. First, let me introduce myself. I'm Marc-Andre, I live in Quebec City, Canada and I'm a computer tech support at www.qsl.com So one of my friend presented me to this mid 50's guy who raced in Dirt Track in the 80's. He just...
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    Car just sit's.
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    Took when 1st came home from the dealer after a one year waiting list.