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  1. Europe
    Does anybody know what could the p0170 code mean. I know that it's either maf sensor or an O2 sensor. Symotoms i'm curently heaving are, whenever i stop car almost stalls, rpms drop to almost 500rpm and than come back to normaln, this happens most oftenly when i turn the wheel. Could it be the...
  2. Motorsports, Track
    Hi all. I just started a new project and want to share it with you. First, let me introduce myself. I'm Marc-Andre, I live in Quebec City, Canada and I'm a computer tech support at www.qsl.com So one of my friend presented me to this mid 50's guy who raced in Dirt Track in the 80's. He just...
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    Car just sit's.
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    Took when 1st came home from the dealer after a one year waiting list.
1-4 of 4 Results