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  1. Official Utah Members - SLC and Utah Counties

    I'm new to the club but I would love to get together with folks of a similar mindset on BMW ownership, modifications and maintenance in my area. Southwest is a BIG area so I figured I'd create this here thread and see if anyone is interested in at least trolling together. :clap::clap::clap: I...
  2. WTB: e46 M3 w/ 6MT, or 330i/ci/vert near UT! Selling 04 Mercedes E55 AMG.

    Complete Cars - Private
    TLDR: Looking for M3 or 330i/ci/vert w/ 6MT near Salt Lake City, UT. So I'm downgrading from my 2004 Mercedes E55 AMG into my original fun German car, an e46. The E55 is an absolute BLAST to drive but I'm going to go the route of having a slower DD and a fast weekend car (probably a C6Z). My...
  3. WTB 323 or 325 Wagon

    Complete Cars - Private
    Time for me to upgrade (again) from the e30 to the e46. I want to buy a clean 323 or 325 wagon. I'm located in Utah but willing to travel to the California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado or Texas if the price and car is right. I'm cool with manual or automatic. I don't...