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  1. Add usb CD changer adapter to Prof Navigation

    General E46 Forum
    Hi I have a 2003 E46 325i Cabrio with what I think is Prof Navigation. It has the tilt out screen with the minidisc behind it. I already have an aux in fitted (connected to the back of the radio) but I'd like to replace the CD changer with a unit offering USB connection. I've come across a...
  2. DICE Unit with In-Dash USB Input

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I just ordered a DICE unit and want to route it through an in-dash USB input. Has anyone done this before? I intend to mount the USB insert much like this fellow member did, where rear sunshade button would be. I have already ordered a female 30-pin (iPhone) to female USB cord that I will add...
  3. Hard Wired OBD to Dynavin

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Has anybody got torque to run on their Android Dynavin by hard wiring an OBD to USB cable? I wan't to run it from the 20-pin under the dash through the firewall to keep the other one free. Any success here? If so, what cables did you use?
  4. 2001 330xi update DME Software, can I DIY?

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    So, my bimmer has been doing a couple shifting things... When I am slowing down and almost to a stop, there is a jerk/clunk on the last down-shift. It feels like I am getting bumped by a car from the rear. :eek: Then also when I start going again, like the first or second shift it does hesitates...
  5. DIY: Additioanl Glove Box Outlets and USB Charging!

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    So this really isn't a new idea, but I can't remember where the idea came from, but here is my first DIY. I searched to see if I could find anything similar on here, but couldn't find something exactly like it. So if there is another like this, feel free to let me know, and I'll ask a mod to...
  6. USB Cigarette Adapter

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    anyone bought something like this? I was wondering if anyone could provide me a link of one they purchased that can sit in the cigarette lighter socket while still being able to close the hinge door that hides it. I want something like the...
  7. USB cable

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I was cleaning my center console the other day and I ended up cleaning underneath my cupholders and I noticed that there was a male usb cable underneath the cupholder. Is this OEM?, not really sure exactly what it's for... maybe an OBD connector? :rolleyes: Help would be much appreciated.
  8. Dynavin Android Users, Please Advise

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I am preparing to swap out my Business CD unit with a new Dynavin Android Unit. As you know there are two internal boards, the stereo/phone board and the Nav board. They each have their own USB inputs. I have ordered flushmount usb cabling for the Stereo side. The most common application for...
  9. Auto Changer lead conversion

    General E46 Forum
    Has anyone tried converting the auto changer lead into a USB lead??? As im fitting a parrot Asteroid and a self powered hard drive can be used as a music source im thinking of putting a hardrive in the boot where the auto changer should be.... But instead of running a USB lead to the boot i...
  10. Where to place aux-in/USB

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I recently discovered that my headunit is compatible with all the aux interfaces. I am about to install the aux-in and a DIY USB charger. I am looking for pros and cons of the different placement options, such as euro tray, cell phone mount, arm rest, glovebox, etc. Any sort of after action...
  11. DIY Built-in iPod Charging USB Port (Lots of pictures and detail)

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I know there are already a few DIYs on this topic but I decided to make my own. This tutorial will show how to install a dash mounted USB port which only be powered when the car is running or the key is in position 2. Personally I don't like the idea of running cords out of the glove box or...
  12. Tischer BMW/ - NEW BMW USB Chargers!!!

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    Tischer BMW/ - NEW BMW USB Chargers!!! Our new BMW USB charging device offers a convenient way to provide power to a wide array of portable and mobile devices. The BMW charging device converts your vehicle***8217;s conventional 12V power outlet to a fixed 5V high-current USB...
  13. Tischer BMW/ - NEW BMW USB Chargers!!!

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    Tischer BMW/ - NEW BMW USB Chargers!!! Our new BMW USB charging device offers a convenient way to provide power to a wide array of portable and mobile devices. The BMW charging device converts your vehicle’s conventional 12V power outlet to a fixed 5V high-current USB charging...
  14. E46 USB iPod/iPhone adaptor

    hi i have got 2005 E46 318i without factory CD changer Just wondering where can i get a kit to play songs from USB and iPod i have come across the kit available in BSW but after contacting them they said it might not me compatible with aussy models I live in...
  15. really quick electrical wiring question.

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I am tapping into the cigarette lighter power and ground, to hardwire a usb charger ( ) and the wire they give looks like a 16 / 18 gauge...
  16. MVRK's Cheap Mod DIY - Grilles, Windshield Wiper Tank, Custom USB charger

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    So lately i have been attacked by the mod bug, but being a poor college student, i dont necessarily have the funds to do everything i want. So i decided it was time for some of those more time than money mods. I have made a diy for them as well. :idea: ALL DIY ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I DONT...
  17. Installed GROM USB / Audio interface

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I just installed a GROM USB / Audio interface in a 2001 325i for $133 delivered it does everything I needed. Hot swap USB sticks that act like a 6 disc changer but it supports up to 32Gb so storage is virtually limitless. Forget your slow a$$ ipod interfaces this is the way to go. It displays...