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upper radiator hose

  1. E46 confirm bad thermostat from upper rad pipe heat?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I have a suspected bad thermostat (stuck open), my question is: Should there be hot water going to the radiator via the upper radiator pipe immediately after starting the car? (within a minute I can feel a marked difference between upper and lower rad hoses) Right now it takes about 15...
  2. Expansion tank good. Radiator not good.

    General E46 Forum
    2002 325i Just got this car. Coolant was low in the expansion tank. I filled it up, ran the car with heater. Filled it up again. When I stopped the second time, there was coolant steaming/spitting out of the top of the connection where the upper radiator hose connects to the radiator and the...
  3. Coolant System HELP!!!

    General E46 Forum
    Okay so I bought a 2003 BMW 330ci with 130,000 miles on it...i was driving it and i hear this loud POP and next thing I know the car is steaming with gases from the left side of the hood (me in the car facing the steering wheel)....once i have it back to my house, i take apart the left side to...
  4. Help: Cooling system problem

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Popped a hose today. It is the upper radiator hose into the expansion tank. Also in the process the plastic piece with bleeder screw cracked and broke off. Can i buy just that part, or does that come with the upper rad hose. please let me know. Need to get the car back on the road so i can get...
  5. Radiator Leak

    General E46 Forum
    Ok so on my 99 323i I replaced the expansion tank several months ago, a short while after that my coolant light would come on and off randomly while driving, it would stay on for 10 minutes or so then just go off for a couple minutes then go back on. my engine temperature never rose above normal...