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  1. Forced Induction Forum
    https://www.cxracing.com/turbo-kit-bmw-e46/turbo-kit-bmw-e46-m52-m54-na-t/TRB-KIT-BMW-E46-GT35-IC-KIT So heres the link for the kit. When i swap in my 3.0L soon i was thinking maybe in a year or two installing a turbo (myself). Is this any good you guys think? Or is there a better kit out there...
  2. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade my intake boots and I wanted to know what options are out there. All I can find as an upgrade over stock is the Mishimoto silicone boots, but they are all located in EU. After shipping the price is just outrageous. Anything will help, thank you!
  3. General E46 Forum
    I know the saying, "learn to drive a slow car fast." I've done that for years. I'm looking to add a little more power to my 330i in the near future. Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be best in terms of quality and performance? I already have plans for the suspension, so that's not a...
  4. Suspension & Braking
    I know this is a hot topic and I've read several threads about this issue. My car is an '02 330ci with 60k miles on it and was driven by an 80 year old guy, my hopes are the body/subframe connections are in great condition. Should I: 1) sell the car while it's still in perfect condition or...
  5. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, so I've done some servicing to my 323i and now I'm thinking its time for some upgrades. First things first, I'm looking at exhausts. So I found this OBX exhaust from ERZ performance (will link below) and it seems like a good one for the price and all. Just wondering if anyone out there...
  6. ///M3 Forum
    I have a 2005 M3 with 80k miles, the last time I had the front pads changed my machanic advised that I should look to change the front rotors soon.. that was a while back.. I've never had any performance problems with the stock setup set up but as Im gonna be spending some cash and the original...
  7. General E46 Forum
    So i got my 2001 325ci almost a month ago, have been adding little aesthetic mods to it such as angel eyes, led corners and sides and repainting scratched up bumpers, etc. In two weeks once I get it perfectly cleaned up I'll be looking to mod it for performance gains. Any suggestions as to what...
  8. General E46 Forum
    Hi so I'm a young kid who want to do some improvements to my 2000 328. I'm on a tight budget so some things that don't break the bank but make a difference. Any ideas?
  9. General E46 Forum
    So i just purchased a 2003 BMW 330ci after owning trucks most of my life, and I'm excited but also have no clue where to start in the direction of wheels, tires, and rim/car colour scheme. Also i want to add a few upgrades but i don't want to stray to far from stock? so I've got questions...
  10. General E46 Forum
    Ok, so i am new to the car forms as i recently just purchased an 04 330ci ZHP in white. First i'll start with what the previous owner had done to the car. Stainless steel headers UUC clutch and short shifter Cold air intake 3.38 differential vs. 3.07 Active Autowerke software upgrade DeCatted...
  11. Suspension and Braking
    Anyone trying to part with a used but useful aftermarket setup improving on performance of OEM 01 e46 330? Not too picky re brands, likely can't afford full Brembo set-up but maybe just the fronts (need swap out vs backs which are ok for now)... Trying to get good price/performance value and...
  12. General E46 Forum
    Do M3 upgrades fit a non-m? Like the V-CSL hood/trunk or M3 rims on a non-m?
  13. Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    I have a 2002 325ci m54 engine and the previous owner was a young female who never changed the oil there is a lot of built up sludge and baked on crud to the entire engine and i have pics of the cams basically sitting in sludge so im looking to either buy a new (not likely) used, (more than...
  14. General E46 Forum
    Just recently picked up a 03 325ci. Car is super clean and mechanically sound so far. Has 180k on it is there anything I should be concerned about ? I'm looking to do some mods through the winter time to have it all nice for spring. What are some exterior mods I can do that won't cost an arm...
  15. General E46 Forum
    What'd you do to your car and why? Brag, rant, complain...I don't give a :censor: Upload pics if you're not a liar :clap:
  16. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I'm not too experienced with cars but I do know I like performance. I decided to upgrade my 325ci with a high flow intake, stage II engine software, front strut tower and an exhaust - ALL DINAN UPGRADES - I'm wondering if someone could tell me how much this will actually improve my...
  17. Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    Hey I just got my 325ci and I'm looking to do a few upgrades....need a new liftgate, long eurotray to replace the so-so BMW cupholders that i don't use, and xenon headlights. Not satisfied with the brightness of the halogens.
  18. General E46 Forum
    I own a 2004 BMW 325Ci with sport package. I've added a Remus exhaust, aFe CAI, and will be upgrading plugs & ignition coils soon. Any other DIY performance upgrades out there that would be worth doing beside maybe a Shark chip?
  19. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I am curious so I am going to put together a list of the common mods that people do. Please make valid posts. If you guys would make a post of what you have and what brands we can keep this thread going. :craig: -Jacob
  20. General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I am curious so I am going to put together a list of the common mods that people do. What did you do first? Because you can only vote once I want to see what people modded first. Comment on what it was and what brand so we keep this thread going. :craig: -Jacob
1-20 of 23 Results